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Internet dating is no longer seen as a strange way to meet potential partners. Many successful relationships started with looking at online profiles. But this method of finding dates has a number of pitfalls and dangers; you have to be particularly vigilant when you're speaking to someone online and haven't met in person. Here are some hints to help you make the most of Internet dating

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Assume Exaggeration

The first rule of Internet dating is to assume that people are exaggerating. That doesn't mean that they are necessarily out to deceive you. People may think that they will sound more appealing if they knock a few years off their age, or add a few inches to their height. It's like lying on your resumé to get a job. Assume exaggeration until you find out that something is true.


Never Send Money

You might think that you'd never fall for a dating scam. But some scammers are highly skilled at spinning a convincing story and drawing you into their net. They make you believe that you have a relationship with you, even though you've never met, and they'll come up with constant excuses to postpone a real-life meeting. If your online boyfriend asks or begs you for money, don't fall for his sob story, however plausible it is.


Keep Your Address Private

Keep your address private from dates until you feel completely comfortable with them knowing where you live. Your online date probably isn't a psycho, but if you decide early on that you don't wish to continue seeing them, you probably won't want to risk them coming round. Some people can be very persistent and can't understand why you're not interested. Always put your personal safety first.


Don't Reveal Too Much Private Information

It's best to limit private information on profiles and when chatting to dates. People can behave in an odd way when they're online. They think that chatting online means that you have created an instant connection. But you're under no obligation to answer questions. So if your date asks something that you don't want to tell them, tell them that you're not comfortable answering that yet.


Be Flexible

Do you have a very firm idea of your perfect partner? The problem with that is that real people rarely live up to perfection. Why set out to be disappointed? Many very happy partnerships have been formed between couples who on paper don't seem to match at all. By all means, have a list of attributes that you seek, but keep an open mind. Don't dismiss someone out of hand because they don't tick all the boxes.


Know Your Requirements

At the same time, you should know what matters to you in a relationship. If someone cannot meet a fundamental requirement for you, there is no point dating them. For example, if you disagree on wanting children, it won't work. If you're a complete party animal and need someone equally lively, don't date someone who hates going out.


Treat It as Fun

Above all, treat Internet dating as something fun. If you meet a nice partner, that's great. But don't treat it as a military exercise, with the perfect partner in your sights. You won't meet Mr or Miss Right first time round, so just have fun. You may not meet the perfect guy, but you could meet some friends.

Internet dating is now a perfectly normal way to meet a partner. The days are gone when people lied about meeting their significant other on the Net. So if you want to try it out, keep your head on straight, be safe, and enjoy your dates. Did you meet your partner through Onternet dating?

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I met my husband online yes he did exaggerate a bit but in the end it was all good. I had a friend who wasn't so lucky. He ended up stalking her and breaking into her house and cutting all the heals off her shoes... Creepy creepy creepy

I thought my guy had to have exaggerated. So far everything checks out. Even the gun shot wounds from his tours in Middle East.

Oh, and he was also looking for someone to do his laundry, as his mum was getting too old to do this.

I met my current partner through online dating and I've never been happier. He loves me and looks after me and we have he most amazing time when we are together. Don't believe the stigma of online dating everybody - you might well find your perfect partner through this method :)

I'm currently in a relationship with someone in MA, and I'm in Phoenix. we're saving money so I can move there. Both of us are being really smart about this. We both love each other dearly. And we try to limit our visits because it takes a hit on our finances, and it's defeating the purpose of saving and putting in all the overtime. Relationships need to be constantly nurtured, and we do so with joy. He is perfect to me, of course! And I met him in a chatroom were people were vile. Who would have thought I'd end up with someone who I will probably end up marrying in that snake pit of a chat room! love pops in the most unusual places!

Haha, several years ago, I met this guy who told me, while we were having diner, that he had been afraid to damage his liver while drinking during a holiday with his mates in England. It was obvious he was often wasted. I hope he found a girl at the AA, since I do not want to date an alcoholic. I never met him again.

I met a wonderful man online. Though we are still just going on frequent dates, I'm very pleased. He seemed way out of my league, but I took a chance sent him a fun message and here we are. One deployment and tragic injury later, back to fun dates. I also met some real duds. No different than having met them at the library or a music event.

Well, this seems like the right post for this issue... so... My friend (let’s call her Red) has had a crush on this guy (let’s call him Orange) since the second grade. In the 6th grade, Red moved near me, but Red continued to have a crush on Orange (despite the fact that they are miles away from each other). Throughout school with Red, Orange exhibited classic symptoms of a crush on Red (I did my research using this website, thanks!) Red recently told me about all this, and I looked up Orange’s name online (just to see) and I realized that perhaps Red could get into contact with Orange (on a social networking site) and do one of the following: either realize Orange was not worthy of Red's crush in the first place or that Orange had changed and wasn't the boy in 6th grade (and perhaps, become entirely unattractive), or maybe (and this is highly unlikely) Orange continues to love Red the same way she loves him now. But before they can contact each other, I wanted to spruce up Red's profile (just to give her the best shot at this). Have any tips?

I read in a magazine that a woman was about to go on a date with a guy she met on a dating site and as she opened the door for him he bashed her to death in front of her 4 year old son. So be careful out there

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