7 Ways to Attract the Right Guy ...

By Renee

The best ways to attract the right guy starts off with being the best you! Each of us is unique to this world, and we have matches for this uniqueness. Therefore, there is no need to try to be someone you're not. One of the best ways to attract the right guy is to be the Real you.

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Have you ever noticed that when you start thinking about someone, they call you? Or when you say you are looking for a certain top or pair of jeans at the store, they come across your path eventually? Visualization is as strong tool to use. Perhaps it doesn't manifest things, but it at least puts it in your line of vision. Why not use one of the best ways to attract the right guy by visualizing who he is? Get down to brass tacks and every detail! Not just the physical, but the way he treats you and other people, what he does for a living, the way he laughs, and basically the way he lives his life. Visualization doesn't cost anything, but it can give you back more than you ever dreamed of.


Be Where He is

If the guy you are looking for is a tennis player, then why not pick up a racket? Are you looking for a more bookish sort? Hang out at the local library or bookstore hotspot. If you truly feel like the man of your dreams is specific to a place or event, the best way to find him is to be there!


Stay Positive

If you always think about what you don't want, guess what you will get? Instead of putting out there all of the negatives, put out the positives of what you are looking for. His sense of humor, his kindness, his stability, his passion, or whatever it is that sugars your tea. Also, by staying positive you become more attractive to others. Do you like to be around the person who complains a lot, or the one who always is truly smiling?


Keep the Mind Open

We may have had a picture in our minds since we were little of the person we wanted to be with. Experiences and maturity can change that picture. Instead of being sure that you still want to marry a Kennedy, think of the characteristics they have that you are attracted to. Also decide if you are still attracted to those traits! Think of Charlotte in 'Sex and the City.' Although Harry is not the person she ever thought she would be with, by keeping an open mind Charlotte found her heart's desire. You can too!


Be Your First Priority

Instead of spending your energy finding the one to complete you, complete yourself! If you walk into a situation where you don't need someone but rather are excited about enjoying someone's company, not only are you less likely to be disappointed, you are also more likely to find satisfaction. YOU can be the person you are searching for. The purpose of a mate is not to color your world, but rather to make those colors a little more vibrant.

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Respect the Red Flags

There is a line to watch in between keeping an open mind and watching with a blind eye. If you have some non-negotiables, consider why they are not up for discussion. Some are very valid. If the new guy is crossing a lot of these lines, pay attention to this. While he might be great for someone, this may not be the best one for you. Do some soul-searching, and be willing to wish him the best so you save a place for Mr. Right at your table.



There is a reason why you want the things you do in life. Sometimes, it is just a matter of conditioning from a young age. But other times, it's because it truly will make you happy. If this is the case regarding finding the guy of your dreams, then keep going, and as the song says, keep believing!

Finding the guy of your dreams can be a dream come true. But in the meantime, find satisfaction in your life every day, on your terms. What are the ways you tell your friends to try to find the guy of their dreams?

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Call me selfish, but the best piece of advice worth the entire read was this, "YOU can be the person you are searching for."

Such great advice.. Reflects the secret and the law of attraction which is something I def live by!

Great article! Well said

Most are good. 1 and 4 conflict. They say 'guy of your dreams' because the usually don't exist in reality. Might be more simple to pick some basic traits that underly everything else (eg sincere, competent, positive, healthy self image).


The man who might seem like "the man of your dreams" might actually end up not being what you thought. Love happens when you least expect it, with the most unexpected people. I used to say I'd never date a guy shorter than me and I ended up with one for over a year. Be open minded :-)

good points