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Whether you’re single or already in a relationship, it can help to know the traits guys want in a girlfriend. Every man is different, of course, but they generally look for the same thing. A man will only commit if he thinks he’s found the right girl. Ideally she should have some of the traits guys want in a girlfriend.

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Always Honest

No one wants to know that they’re dating a good liar. One of the traits guys want in a girlfriend is honesty, so that they know she is never deceiving them. Who wants to wonder what their significant other is thinking all of the time? Men like things to be told to them bluntly so that they don’t have to question what a girl means by her words or actions. Being honest will lead to being trusted, which is a crucial part of any successful relationship.


Fun and Friendly

Everyone’s definition of fun is different. Some people enjoy crazy nights out, and others are happiest when sitting at home playing video games. Having a similar sense of what fun is and doing those activities together can strengthen a relationship. Your partner is meant to make you happy. You need to be with someone who can make you smile, relax, and have the time of your life.


Loyal Lady

Being cheated on is never fun. Men don’t want to watch their girlfriends flirt with other guys and wonder whether she’ll remain faithful. If he’s constantly wondering if you’re going to hook up with your hot coworker, the relationship will fall apart. Men get just as jealous as women do. He has to be assured that you would never hurt him, or he will find someone else that is more trustworthy.


Loving out Loud

Men enjoy affection more than you think. You don’t have to constantly tell him how much you love him or shower him with kisses. Just remember to show him how much you care about him and appreciate him. He’ll want to know that you haven’t lost your love for him through the years. You don’t want him to worry about where he stands with you. Just tell him!


Not Needy

A guy wants a girl who is independent. Constantly calling him and needing to see him could push him away. You need to have your own life, not just one that centers around him. Don’t lose your friends and your hobbies when a man enters your life. Balance everything so that you don’t lose any part of yourself.


Passionate Princess

It’s no surprise that men enjoy activity in the bedroom. When you kiss, do it with passion. It’ll show him how attracted you are to him and that you can’t get enough of him. Of course, passion can refer to more than just intercourse. Men love when you’re passionate about music or writing or helping others. It gives you depth and shows that you have a strong personality.


Spontaneous Adventures

Even if you both love sitting around watching television, you can’t do the same thing day in and day out. Every once in a while, you need a little adventure. You don’t have to go skydiving or bungee jumping. It can be something as simple as going to a new restaurant to try foreign food you’ve never tasted. You just need to be open to trying new things, so that life doesn’t get boring.

These traits aren’t only what guys look for in girls, but what girls should be looking for in guys What do you personally look for in a guy? Is it something from this list or an additional trait?

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I strongly agree with #5 Relationship should been 50/50 in partnership with men and women Men doesn't like clingy women who make them feel trapped into the relationship and iit suffocate them Men need their breathing space think of it as if it was the around with clingy men

who ever wrote this... well I am not always a lady I have flare ask my man and he knows it I get pissed off easily when things don't get done and it needs to get done. I can be the scary dragon lady people talk about but only when necessary. I am not clingy as much but very loyal. if you want honesty that I will be straight with you. I don't think he is 100% honest with me and that bugs me. my gut tells me constantly that something isn't right. I know deep down there is more to him that he likes to admit. I know I must be honest too but I hold things back because a wise person picks and chooses his battles wisely. i never would cheat on him and knowing that with my heart if any woman gets between us I swear I will make her run for the hills cause I can be pretty possessive and I have a hard time trusting him on loyalty and need to teach him. I always have my boundaries set and stone with other men and confident. I wish he'd be more confident about knowing that I steady of having to go into detective mode on me asking me questions like I am in some interrogation room, it's not helping and it gets really annoying as well. I have guy friends yea, but I have one man who'd I will spend my life with. he needs to know that.

Someone who isn't afraid to express their feelings; it could be in their own corky way. Someone who isn't clingy. Someone who is positive, honest, caring and supportive. Someone who adores me just as much as I adore them.

I look for the whole package in a man, how they interact with their and your family, showing and treating a woman with respect is a definite plus and sense of humor!

I'm a natural born leader, I can't change that, but I'm still wise enough to know and understand my man should be the head of our relationship. With that being said I can NOT embark into a relationship with a guy that does not have leadership qualities, the relationship would not work! For some women it's ok if they have to constantly encourage there man but when I'm at a low point I need a leader, a strong man capable of encouraging me too. No, not all men are natural leaders but being "equally yoke" or compatible has it's rewards. I can not think of one woman that wants to be stronger than her man, husband, protector etc.

... Because no relationship is perfect.

If I'm honest the main thing I look for is if he can make me laugh! And luckily my man can! :)

@Nicky... I understand what you're trying to express. When Nicky says "suppose to be leaders" she's referring to the men being the leader of the relationship, and they should be! Even if he's passive, the inter alpha wants to surface. As much as I hate to say this, men tend to determine the outcome of the average relationship. As women we need to understand we can NOT change a man nor force our men to do anything, (compromise, yes... force, no). In which determine the outcome of the relationship. We either accept it or we don't! I'm married, I have married friends, I have single friends and I've seen it over and over again. Yes, it takes two to make a relationship work but that's not the only REALITY. I can guarantee you she's accepting more sh!t than he is just to stay with him, even if the relationship is good.

lots of good sound advice and personal opinions which I find helpful.however no man can make us happy that is our responsibility! They can enhance our happiness!

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