9 Date Ideas for Lazy Couples ...


9 Date Ideas for Lazy Couples ...
9 Date Ideas for Lazy Couples ...

Dates don't always have to be some sort of big event where you both get dressed up and spend hundreds of dollars. If you want, you can go on a date inside of your very own home. If you and your boyfriend are lazy, don't torture yourselves by forcing yourselves to visit fancy restaurants. Here are some date ideas that don't involve moving around all that much, so you can save your energy on kissing:

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TV with a Theme

You can forget about movie marathons when there are so many great shows to watch on Netflix. Find one that you and your boyfriend are interested in and spend the day binge watching it. You can even dress up like the characters and make an event out of it. If you're watching The Walking Dead, put on a sheriff's hat and eat some southern food. If you're watching How I Met Your Mother, put on your red cowboy boots and eat some pineapples.


Enjoy a Drive

Get in your car and drive somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn't matter if you have a destination, because the whole point of the ride is to have fun talking and listening to music together.


Special Spa Night

If you have some lotions or oils in your cabinet, take them out. You can take turns giving each other massages or even take a bubble bath together. Do whatever you can to have a relaxing evening.


Enticing Ice Cream Sundaes

If you're too lazy to go to the store to shop for groceries and proceed to whip up an elaborate meal together, you can just make ice cream sundaes together. You should already have the ingredients in your fridge and it's not hard to sprinkle on some candy pieces or whipped cream.


Photo Album Awareness

If you've been together for a long time, go through your photos and relive old memories. If you've just started dating, you can take out your baby pictures to give him a glimpse of your past. Either way, it'll be fun.


Go to Garage Sales

You don't have to leave your town in order to find a few garage sales. Browse the items together and see if there's a random puzzle or board game that you can spend the rest of the day playing together. It's a quick, cheap way to find new things to do.


Plan the Potential Future

Want to plan your future together? Go online and look at pictures of houses or cars to see which ones you agree on. You could even pop in a Sims game in order to create your own virtual family together.


Try out a Trivia Night

You can search for all types of trivia online and quiz each other about whatever topics you choose. You could even create your own trivia game where you quiz each other about your relationship. It'll be like your own version of the Newlywed Game.


Sweet Stargazing

Grab a blanket and head to your backyard. You don't need a telescope or any other professional equipment. All you need is to hold your partner's hand and stare up at the sky.

Being lazy doesn't mean that you're boring. You can still have tons of fun without exerting too much energy or spending too much cash. What other lazy date ideas can you think of?

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Number 9- stargazing!! Simple and beautiful xx

I love them all thanks 💕

Window shopping looking at furniture and browsing things for the future

#7 seems like a really great way to freak a dude out.

Beer festival.

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