7 Different Meanings of a Kiss ...

By Holly

There are plenty of different things that a kiss could mean, so it’s not unreasonable to try to decipher the action. If your crush or friend kisses you for the first time, and you haven’t discussed it at all, you’re bound to be confused. Do they want a relationship or do they regret getting so close to you? The easiest thing to do is sit down and talk to them, but until then, here are some possible things that a kiss could mean:

1 To Show Love

This is one of the most obvious things that a kiss could mean. We always hope that the person we're locking lips with truly loves us--or at least cares about us. This kind of kiss almost always leads to a relationship, as long as both parties share a romantic interest.

2 To Stop Feeling Lonely

Unfortunately, getting kissed by your crush doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be in a relationship with you. They may be lonely, and want someone to lean on. Kissing is an intimate, fun act that makes a person feel wanted. If your crush is in a difficult place right now, they may be using you in order to distract themselves from their loneliness.

3 To Fulfill Desires

Let’s face it--it’s fun to kiss attractive people. If someone thinks you’re gorgeous, they may be making out with you to fulfill their physical desires. A kiss doesn’t have to have any emotional connection to it. You might be the type of person that only gets close to those you really care about, but not everyone is like that. Some people like to have fun, and don’t want more than just a fling.

4 To Get over an Ex

If the person you're kissing just got over a serious relationship, they may be using you in order to get over their ex. Even if it seems like they really like you, you should be cautious. After breakups, people can do irrational things. Even the nicest person could kiss you in order to make themselves feel better about their situation.

5 To Figure out Feelings

Don’t get too attached after one kiss. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine whether you want to be in a relationship with someone or just be really good friends. In order to figure that out, a little research can help. If someone kisses you, it could be their way of trying to determine whether you feel ‘right’ together. Sometimes, the chemistry is there, and sometimes it’s not.

6 To Make a Point

If someone kisses you as soon as their ex enters the room, you know something is wrong. He may still have feelings for her, and wants to make her jealous. If he has a big group of friends around, he may kiss you in order to impress them. You have to hope that's not the case, but you should keep an eye out anyway.

7 To Have Fun

Everyone needs to let off some steam. If someone you know is stressed, they could initiate a make-out session in order to relax. This is harmless, as long as they let you know what their intentions are.

Kissing is great, but it could cause problems if you and your partner aren't on the same page. Make sure you talk things out with them in order to see what their thoughts on your situation are. Have you ever kissed someone for one of the reasons listed above?

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