7 Romantic Latin Phrases Everyone Should Learn ...

By Holly

7 Romantic Latin Phrases Everyone Should Learn ...

Even people who are only fluent in one language should learn a few key romantic Latin phrases. If you can’t say them, then you can at least write them in a card when the next holiday approaches. Hallmark is great, but this will make your gift seem a bit more personal. Here are some of the most romantic Latin phrases to memorize:

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Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All Things)

This is perfect to say when you and your mate are suffering from the issues that plague every couple. Even though times are hard, your love will help you get through anything. This is one of the most romantic Latin phrases to learn, because it’ll come in handy during any relationship. It’s impossible to avoid conflict, and saying this while handing over a box of chocolates can help end any argument.


Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

Remind your partner that you’re always going to be loyal by using this phrase. It shows that you’re dedicated to him, and that you want to remain together. The best part, you ask? The phrase consists of only two words, which are pretty easy to pronounce. After practicing a few times, you’ll sound like you’re fluent in the language of love.

Frequently asked questions

You can use these phrases in love letters, during romantic events like weddings or anniversaries, or to express your feelings in a unique way.

While Latin is not commonly spoken in daily conversation, you can use Latin phrases as special expressions or to impress someone who appreciates language and history.

Latin pronunciation can be unfamiliar at first, but with some practice, you can learn to say romantic Latin phrases correctly.

Yes, it can be both fun and romantic to incorporate Latin phrases into your relationship, as long as both partners appreciate it.

Learning romantic Latin phrases can be fun and can add a touch of sophistication and historical charm to your expressions of love or affection.

Latin phrases are expressions or sayings in the Latin language, which was spoken in ancient Rome and is still used in some contexts today.

One popular romantic Latin phrase is 'Amor vincit omnia,' which means 'Love conquers all.'

You can learn more phrases from books on Latin language, online resources, or language learning apps that include Latin.

Yes, many people appreciate the timeless beauty of Latin phrases and their historical and cultural significance.

Using Latin phrases can add an element of surprise and depth to your expressions of love, showing your partner that you've put thought into your words.

Creating your own Latin phrase can be challenging if you're not familiar with the language, but you might try combining known words for a personalized touch. However, for accuracy, consult a Latin expert or use reliable references.


Aere Perennius (more Lasting than Bronze)

This is an adorable saying, because it even sounds romantic in English. Bronze is strong and durable, just like your relationship is. If you think that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, then tell them with this phrase. It’s a unique way to declare your everlasting love.


Aere Perennius is a Latin phrase meaning “more lasting than bronze”. It is a popular phrase to express one’s lasting love for someone. This phrase is often used in wedding vows and other romantic occasions. It is also used as a symbol of commitment and fidelity. The phrase is derived from the Latin phrase “aere perennius” which translates to “more lasting than bronze”. The phrase is commonly used to express a commitment to a lasting relationship. It is a beautiful phrase that expresses the strength and durability of love.


In Perpetuum Et Unum Diem (forever and a Day)

Here’s another phrase you can use to explain your undying devotion to your partner. It’s a bit hard to say, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries. If you can’t get the pronunciation right, scribble the words down in a romantic letter instead. Just make sure you translate it, since not many people are able to comprehend the Latin language.


Latin has been a language of love for centuries, and it’s no surprise that it’s still used today to express devotion and admiration. One of the most romantic Latin phrases is “Perpetuum Et Unum Diem”, which translates to “forever and a day”. This phrase is perfect for expressing your undying love and commitment to your partner.

Latin has been used in many different contexts throughout history, from religious ceremonies to scientific texts. It was also used extensively in the Romance languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Although Latin is no longer a spoken language, it is still used in many contexts today, such as in legal documents, in the names of organizations, and in phrases like “Perpetuum Et Unum Diem”.

Latin has been a popular language for expressing love for centuries. It was used in Shakespeare’s plays to express love and devotion, and it was also used in the works of other great writers, such as Dante and Petrarch. Today, Latin phrases like “Perpetuum Et Unum Diem” are often used in romantic letters and cards to express one’s undying love and commitment.


Ab Imo Pectore (from the Bottom of My Heart)

This phrase is a simple one, but that doesn't mean it's any less romantic. It's actually pretty darn sweet, so it's hard to find someone that wouldn't be impressed by it. You can use this at the bottom of a card, right before writing your signature. It's a unique thing to do, and it'll make any note a memorable one.

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Manus in Mano (hand in Hand)

This is easy to remember, so you shouldn’t have an issue saying it. Of course, you'll have to mix this phrase with some English words, since it's not a full sentence. As long as you blend it nicely, it'll still come across as romantic.


Omnia Vincit Amor, Nos Et Cedamus Amori (Love Conquers All Things, Let Us Too Yield to Love)

You shouldn't be afraid to fall in love. Use this phrase when you're trying to tell someone how much you care about them, and that you're ready to commit. Be brave, and yield to that love you feel.

The Latin language feels so romantic, because it sounds beautiful and isn't heard often. Learning just one or two of these phrases can pay off one day. Do you have a favorite Latin phrase?

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