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5 Simple Ways to Get All His Attention to Yourself ...

By Justica

Looking for some easy ways to get all his attention to yourself? It is every lady’s dream to have her man all to herself and not have to share him with anyone. There are very simple steps to tying him all to yourself that may not have yet crossed your mind. Here are some easy ways to get all his attention to yourself.

1 Keep Hanging out with Friends

When you hang out a lot with friends, it makes your man interested in finding out ways of winning you over from your friends. He spends more time craving your company since you do not spend all of your time with him. This is one of the best easy ways to get all his attention to yourself.

2 Live Your Passion

A woman who pursues her dreams is to die for. Your man wants to see his woman at the top although he may not tell you. So be that woman who goes all out to achieve great things in your life and in your career.


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3 Accept His Help

Men like to be seen as caretakers as it boosts their ego and confidence. Try hard to show appreciation for every little effort he makes in your life. Also, leave other heavy duty chores to him so that he feels needed around you. This will make him want to stick with you more often.

4 Dress to Kill

Woman, let yourself free. Try on all the fashion trends that accentuate your feminine features. Look chic and sassy for your man. Men are drawn to pretty things, so you want to keep it all beautiful and fresh for him.

5 Stay Feminine

Do everything in a ladylike manner. Let your man feel like he is with a woman. Show your feminine side by being respectful and loving to your man both in private and publicly. Be affectionate and be flexible at the same time.

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