5 Best Ways to Casually Make the First Move ...


5 Best Ways to Casually Make the First Move ...
5 Best Ways to Casually Make the First Move ...

I'm here to tell you the best casual ways to make the first move. As women, we can say that traditional societal values have taught us to be the passive half of a partnership, waiting for a crush to show interest first before getting involved in any type of flirting. This is cool if your crush is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind being brave and taking a chance, but if you happen to want somebody a little shyer, then sometimes there is no other option than to take the reigns yourself! There should be no shame in being a woman who likes to make the first move, in fact, I encourage it! If you are out of practise or have never tried it before, here are the five best casual ways to make the first move.

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Give Them a Sign

A sign is one of the best casual ways to make the first move. Guys aren’t usually as perceptive as us girls; things that we think are completely obvious and glaring might be completely invisible to them! Don’t waste your time trying to give off subtle signals about your feelings for them. Start the ball rolling by being just as blunt as you would like him to be! Begin with a few compliments to see how he responds to your attention, and if you can sense a green light, then go ahead and ask him out!


Body Language

You can do a lot with your body before even opening your mouth! Try to make your body language as strong as you can in terms of showing him that you are interested. Always keep eye contact and don’t shy away from excessive arm touches and playful pushes. The more contact there is, the more he will start to see that you are doing these just with him and not with everyone.


Be Confident

At the end of the day, confidence is really the only thing that you need! Don’t get too caught up in worrying about being rejected, because God knows the guys who you have rejected in the past never seemed to be crushed with the way they all moved on so quickly! The key thing to remember is that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Your romantic future doesn’t necessarily rest on this one guy, so be cool and confident and just see where it goes. No use waiting around forever!


Be Yourself

Another important thing is to make sure that no matter what you say to make the first move, make sure that you stay yourself when doing it. The worst thing you can do is make a first impression that is dishonest and not true to your real personality because if he responds well to this false version of yourself, you will be faced with the dilemma of having to keep up with the charade. It gets too exhausting in the end, so make sure to be yourself from the very first conversation!


Go to a Club

Some people find it less intimidating to make the first move if they are in a busy, bustling setting that doesn’t feel really quiet and too intimate. A club or busy bar is the perfect setting for this, because if the move you make doesn’t go exactly how you planned, then there are plenty of other things to focus your attention on instead of a quiet room that only has the two of you in it!

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