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Pro Tips in This Video on if You Should Ask Him out or Not ...

By Leiann

Should you ask him out? Do you want soulmate love and to attract the man of your dreams? In researching this topic, I found a YouTube video that is rather old-fashioned. Definitely, the times have changed. In a Q & A discussion, Lara answers 3 questions by Lisa. So, should you ask him out?. Watch to find out.

Are you ready to argue with her? Me too.

If they live in the same community, have a lot in common, he has good character and good quality, why not ask him out? She even says he is shy!

Then, Lisa says that there was an attraction at first sight with a little flirting, but no communication. Hello? Has she ever heard of the book "Maybe He Is Just Not That Into You"?

So, she then asks Lara about what she should do... Lara states that:

1 She Should Make Clear That She is Interested

2 She Should Put the Ball in His Court


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3 She Should NOT Ask HIM out

If you want something bad, go for it in a classy way. I apologize I even suggested this video, but I am very interested in your reactions and comments.

Are YOU old-fashioned? In some ways, I am. But I know people who cannot even remember their last date! Why miss out when you can be having a wonderful possible relationship?

Good luck and go for it!

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