5 Important Rules of Flirting to Follow ...


5 Important Rules of Flirting to Follow ...
5 Important Rules of Flirting to Follow ...

Do you know the rules of flirting? Flirting is extremely fun. It’s exciting, you feel good, and it’s fairly harmless. But, it’s harmless only if you don’t allow yourself to become a flirt. Flirting is fine, but you have to make sure that you don’t let yourself become a flirt. Here are five rules of flirting to help you get it right.

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Only Flirt with People That You Actually like

It might be better to say that you should flirt with people that you like like. The main point of flirting is to let somebody know that you are interested in them. If you start flirting with everybody, then the ones that you like won’t feel special because they see you treat everybody the same way. Besides that, you may end up getting involved with somebody that always seems to be interested in everybody else. This is one of the top rules of flirting.


Do Not Flirt with a Person That Your BFF Likes or is Dating

Truth is, there may be a time that you flirt with people that you aren’t actually into. This could be a friend that you have that kind of relationship with or somebody that just brings your flirty side out. That is perfectly okay AS LONG AS that person you flirt with isn’t somebody that is involved with one of your friends. Your BFF’s love interest is ALWAYS off limits, and your interactions with them need to stay platonic. Think sibling. Your interactions with them should not have a sexual overtone.


Don’t Let It Go to Extremes

Flirting is one thing and sexting is another. Flirting means you are showing somebody that you are interested, being playful, jokingly making fun, or touching them a bit. Flirting could be a sly grin, a turn of the head, or lingering eye contact. Flirting DOES NOT include sending naked or half naked pictures, or dirty texts to somebody. This is sexting. Flirting is a great idea when you are interested in somebody. Sexting…not so much. Keep in mind that whatever you send in an email or text can be saved and passed around so the whole world can see. Your amazing flirting can live forever in somebody’s mind; you aren’t going to want your racy picture to live forever on the internet.


Keep in Mind That It’s Not the Only Way to Interact with the opposite Sex

Just because you are interested in somebody doesn’t mean that you have to flirt with all of them. Men and women aren’t all that different deep down. If you have met somebody that you are interested in, you can get to know them better without flirting. You can talk to them about music, movies, and other interests. Ask them about their hobbies, what they did over the weekend, or about their family. Flirting isn’t the only tool you have to use to make a person want to get to know you.


Guys do It Too

Most people may believe that women are the only ones who are in danger of becoming a flirt, but a guy can be a flirt as well. We all know some guys who women fall for so easily because the guy always seems interested, even if they aren’t. Flirt alert!

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