Perfect Ways to Let Him down Easy for Girls Wanting to Avoid the Sting ...


Perfect Ways to Let Him down Easy for Girls Wanting to Avoid the Sting ...
Perfect Ways to Let Him down Easy for Girls Wanting to Avoid the Sting ...

Every girl needs to know how to let him down easy. My friend went on a date with this guy. After the date, she realized she just wasn’t that into him. But there was no way she could tell him that. What’s a girl supposed to do? Well, she should let him down easy. Easier said than done, right? Well, it's time for you to learn how to let him down easy.

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React Quickly, Don’t Avoid Rejecting Him

Don’t procrastinate. This is definitely one of the best answers for how to let him down easy. Be completely upfront from the start. Hints and jokes may be too subtle and not hit home the way you intend them to. Tell him the truth as politely as you can, but definitely tell him the real reason you are rejecting him. Yes, he may be hurt for a time but he will get the message and move on.


Don’t Leave Room for Negotiation

Excuses are useless. Excuses lead him to believe that now is not the time, and he can ask you out again. Be blunt and let him know there’s nothing he can do or say that will make you go back out with him.


Don’t Take Back Your Rejection

Be strong and don’t give in to his pleas. No matter how much he says he can be the guy for you, you know yourself and who you want to be with; and that guy isn’t him. Stick to your guns and don’t change your mind. And if you feel yourself faltering, block him, delete all contact with him and avoid bumping into him.


Don’t Make Him Your Friend

It may seem like a good idea to suggest “let’s be friends,” but this can be misleading. It gives guys the impression that you want something more, but you’re not ready yet. So they’ll hang around, biding their time to ask you out. Or worse, they will come between you and anyone else you try to date. Best to cut things off clean.


It’s Okay to Text

Sometimes men don’t handle rejection well and can even lash out. So to avoid the drama, and possibly the violence, a text is best. Again, keep it short, sweet, and to the point and tell the truth.


Don’t Re-Initiate Communication Unless You’re Serious

Of course, you care and want to make sure he’s doing okay, but don’t contact him after you dump him. If you engage again, it will send the wrong message. If you don’t want him, then don’t talk to him.

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