7 Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You ...


If you’ve spent one too many hours obsessing over his latest status update, here’s your crash course on ways to tell if a guy likes you. From flirty texts to quick glances in the hallways, these 7 tips will help you figure out whether he has a thing for you or has placed you in the friend zone. Get ready for a cheat sheet to the game of love!

1. He Catches Your Eye…then Quickly Looks Away

This is probably one of the oldest ways to tell if a guy likes you. If you notice him gazing dreamily in your direction (and his face goes beet red from embarrassment as soon as you catch him), he probably harbors a major crush on you –or is just really creepy (but it’s usually the former).

He Gets Really Nervous around You


Heather Jensen
I can help! :)
Im actually in a tricky situation and I could really use some outside advice...
Heather Jensen
Hi Dacia! have you tried to flirt with him a little bit? Did he respond positively?
@heatherjensen i wrote thid on another blog, but i have a question on how to tell if a boy likes me, but he lives like in the same house as me....um im in like a freshman, and he is a grade below me....got any tips? please reply ASAP. thanks!
Not sure how long ago this was posted but I recently started a new job and there's this guy who works there who I have a crush on. We're both in college so we usually will talk about school, the job a...
Cradle Simon
@Cradle Simon, here's my story.. My boss is marrie but he got divorced abroad. He had a gf who is his former employee. They have a child now. We went abroad for a business trip. On our last day, we ...
Cradle Simon
Hi guys, I want to hear your opinions.
Heather Jensen
Hi Julie! I think that you need to text him -- I am sure that it is going to surprise him, but it'll also prove that you have balls and that you are able to go after what you want!
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