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13 Ways to Make Him Miss You ...

By Heather

Trying to learn all of the different ways to make him miss you is so hard! Guys are tough, aren't they? They're super confusing sometimes and making them miss you can be really difficult, unless you know all of the love tricks to make him miss you! If you're dying to get your guy to miss you, to want to be with you always, don't worry, I've got you covered! I've got the top 13 foolproof ways to make him miss you that will drive him crazy!

1 Send Romantic Text Messages

Without ever seeming too desperate, there are many different ways to make him miss you and the first is sending romantic text messages! Reminding him exactly how romantic both of you are, how awesome your last date was, how much you miss him is all a great way to really keep his mind on you!

2 Hang out with the Girls

One thing that really drives a guy wild is not being able to get a hold of his girlfriend – or knowing that she is having a great time without him. If you are feeling like you want your boyfriend to miss you, why not go hang out with the girls? Make it a girls' night out, no boys allowed! This will drive him insane and he will no doubt miss you!

3 Send Him Flowers/Candy at Work

When you're in a relationship, you want to constantly remind the person that you are with how sweet you are. That means that sending them little gifts at work, such as flowers or candy. Who knows, maybe you'll get something of a surprise at work too!

4 Leave Little Notes in His Lunch

Romantic gestures such as little notes in his lunch can really make all of the difference in how much he misses you! I actually love when my girlfriend does this for me and it makes me miss her that much more. If you just write something small or something short on a note and slip it into his lunch, he'll love it! Just a quick 'I love you' could be all it takes for him to miss you throughout the day!

5 Surprise Him

Do you really want to find out some of the ways to make him miss you? Surprise him with a home cooked meal when he gets home or even with arranging a romantic date for the two of you! This can really show him the sweet side of you and can let him know that you are the perfect girlfriend for him!

6 Make Him Call You

Another great way to make him miss you is to make him call you! Are you the one constantly calling him? Do you feel like you always have to initiate the phone calls or even the text messages? Don't do it anymore. In fact, just make him call you, girls! That'll for sure make him miss you!

7 Send Cute Pictures

Cute doesn't mean sexy or revealing! What I mean is to send a picture of you making a kissy face or just a picture of you sitting around bored at home. Don't go overboard with these pictures by sending more than one or two in a week, just enough to make him think of you at random times during his hectic week.

8 Don't Text Him Back Right Away

I'm the type of person that is always on my phone, so I'm constantly answering texts the second I receive them. The problem here is that it makes it look like you were just waiting for him to text you. Take a few minutes or more before you write back and if it's something he's not used to, trust me, he'll notice!

9 Give Him Space

Don't make your life revolve around your man. If you don't talk to him for a little while and get caught up in doing your own thing, eventually he'll realize that it's been a while since he's heard from you or seen you. Even if you miss him, don't let on! Let him come to you, it will mean more when he actually wants to spend time with you instead of you pushing it on him.

10 Leave Something behind

Whether you give him something like a t-shirt or the scent of your perfume, leave something of yours behind so that he is thinking of you even when you're not around. Maybe the scent of your perfume will linger in his car and it will trigger in his mind that he wants to talk you. Whatever it is, I'm sure you can think of something to leave behind that will make him think of you.

11 Let Him Have Time with His Friends

Just as you want the time with your friends, you have to give him time to be with the boys. When he realizes that you're giving him this time away from you and that you're totally cool with it, he'll start to want to spend that time with you. This doesn't mean he'll stop seeing his friends completely, but it'll help him realize why he wants to be with you - you're awesome.

12 Flirt

After a while in a relationship, the flirting just seems to go away. In my relationship a friend once commented that it was cute that my girlfriend and I would still flirt, but I didn't see it as weird. If you don't flirt anymore then start; it'll likely stick out in his head and make him remember what it was like in the beginning of the relationship.

13 Morning Sex

Finally, the last way to make him miss you that really works is morning sex. Why not have sex before both of you leave the house? It's a great way to get up, a fantastic mood-setter and it'll make him think about you all day. Plus, it'll keep your relationship spicy and interesting!

So girls, what other ways to make him miss you do you have? Any other tips that I haven't listed? Give us a shout out with your ways to make him miss you!

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