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Learning all of the ways to get over your crush isn't easy, nor is it timely. If you're having trouble getting over your crush, don't think that you are alone, girls. There are many times that getting over your crush can feel horrible and can make you regret ever liking someone. Just because your crush doesn't see you as girlfriend material doesn't mean that he doesn't see you as a friend. Below, I've got all of the ways to get past your crush that makes the pain easier to handle.

1. Realization

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The hardest part about getting over your crush is realizing that he doesn't like you the same way that you like him. The realization might be the first step, but it's the hardest step to take. While you may like the guy, while you may even love him, if he doesn't feel the same, you can't force it – no matter how much you try to.

Admit That You Have a Crush


Heather Jensen
Hi En! Have you tried to approach him at all? I think that might be the first step! :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Maricela! Why don't you ask him out? I know it's hard, but if you do it, it could be better!
He is in my class and we never spoke to each other but I like him.. I don't know what he feels and i just CAN'T talk to him. I've try to start a conversation on FB and he didn't answer.. What should I do? Thanks.
I am 20 years old and he is my first crush and I have no idea what to do. He is shy, Brazilian and has the most gorgeous eyes and every girl loves him, and i know I don't have a chance. And I will nev...
Heather Jensen
Hi Nicki! I know it's hard to turn your feelings off -- but you might have to, just think of him as a friend.
Heather Jensen
You've got to put some will-power behind it, these tips do work, but you've got to be willing to follow them.
Heather Jensen
Hi Toria! You've got to show him your real self. :) It's the only way.
How do you make a guy see you for who you are? My crush thinks im not sensitive and too emotionally strong. How do I make him see that bravado is just a wall to protect myself?
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