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17 Different Types of Sex People Are Having ...

By Holly

Sex doesn't come in one flavor. There are dozens of different ways to do it. If you've only experienced one type of sex so far, here are a few different types of sex people are having that you might want to try at some point in the future:

1 Morning Sex

Morning Sex Men wake up with morning wood, and women tend to feel the friskiest in the morning. That's why it's the perfect way to start off your day.

2 Shower Sex

Shower Sex The water can actually dry you out down there, which is why some women aren't the biggest fans of shower sex. Of course, it's worth a try.

3 Public Sex

Public Sex Some people don't have any boundaries. They'll have sex in public bathrooms, changing rooms, and movie theaters.

4 Breakup Sex

Breakup Sex Some people have a hard time saying goodbye. That's why they'll use one last night of sex to help them get closure.

5 One-night Stand

One-night Stand Some people think that sex should be meaningful. Other people aren't afraid to have one-night stands, because they think sex is simply meant to be fun.

6 Quickie

Quickie Sex should involve a whole lot of foreplay. The only exception is when couples have quickies and get things over with as fast as possible.

7 Romantic Sex

Romantic Sex Sex will feel entirely different when you're looking into your soulmate's eyes. It's an intense experience.

8 Standing up Sex

Standing up Sex If you're both strong, then it's possible to have sex without getting on your backs.

9 Make-up Sex

Make-up Sex Most couples apologize to each other after a fight by having sex. It's a way to say that they still love each other.

10 Period Sex

Period Sex Some women cringe at the thought of being touched during that time of the month. However, period sex can reduce your cramps, get rid of your headaches, and even make your period end faster.

11 Anal Sex

Anal Sex This involves your booty instead of your vagina. More women have tried it than you think, and that's probably because men have become so obsessed with butts lately.

12 Oral Sex

Oral Sex Most women think that this is the best type of sex there is. After all, when your man gives you oral, it's all about you. You get to focus on yourself instead of worrying about pleasing him.

13 Roleplaying Sex

Roleplaying Sex You don't have to be yourself in the bedroom. You can act like your favorite celebrity or television character. You can even dress up like them, too!

14 Drunk Sex

Drunk Sex Drunk sex tends to be sloppy sex. It's never as amazing as you think it'll be, so don't feel bad if you never experience it.

15 Birthday Sex

Birthday Sex The best thing about birthday sex is that it's all about you. Your boyfriend will do whatever you'd like, because it's your special day.

16 Vacation Sex

Vacation Sex Having sex on vacation is always fun. After all, you're more relaxed than usual, and when you're relaxed, it's easier for you to orgasm.

17 Angry Sex

Angry Sex Some people like to have sex when they're angry, because it causes them to behave more passionately. Of course, getting into the habit of having angry sex won't be healthy for you.

Not all sex is created equal. That's why you should definitely try some of these types of sex, and avoid the others. What other types of sex can you come up with?

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