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17 Things Newly Single Ladies Should do ASAP ...

By Lyndsie

When you find yourself suddenly single after being half of a couple, it's a little disconcerting. You might be heartbroken, especially if you were really into your partner or the breakup wasn't your idea. You might be relieved, especially if you initiated the split. Maybe the breakup was even amicable. All of that is just a bit irrelevant, however, because there's still a disconnect when you break up with someone and find that you're a single lady once again. Instead of feeling totally at odds with yourself, here are a few things you ought to do – just for you.

1 Get Your Flirt on

Get Your Flirt on Seriously. Detonate that charm bomb. You don't have to go home with anyone, but some casual flirting can boost your confidence.

2 Hook up with Your Girls

Hook up with Your Girls Surround yourself with your girlfriends as often as possible. They will love you, laugh with you, and let you cry as much as you need to.

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3 Treat Yo' Self

Treat Yo' Self Head to the spa. Get your nails done. Do something new with your hair. Treat yo' self!

4 Take a Vacation

Take a Vacation You've earned it. You need some time to get in touch with yourself again.

5 Make a New Playlist

Make a New Playlist It seems like such a simple thing, but music soothes the savage beast. Fill up a new playlist with the tunes you need to hear right now, whether that consists of cheesy love ballads, breakup songs, or really angry music.

6 Sage Your Space

Sage Your Space No lie, this helps after any negative, sad, or upsetting event.

7 Reclaim Your Sexuality

Reclaim Your Sexuality Get to know yourself again sexually, as well, especially if the relationship you just got out of did not include a satisfying sex life – or even if it did. Orgasms make you feel good, in the first place, and in the second, well, it's always good to check in with yourself, your needs, and your desires.

8 Remind Yourself That Sex Doesn't Always Equal Love

Remind Yourself That Sex Doesn't Always Equal Love And love doesn't always mean sex. You may need to learn this lesson again because of your breakup itself … or you may simply need a reminder before consoling yourself with a rebound or a distraction. I get you.

9 Reclaim Your Whole Damn Bed

Reclaim Your Whole Damn Bed Take up ALL the space. Except for what you sell with the dogs or cats.

10 Recognize What a Goddess You Are

Recognize What a Goddess You Are Know your worth. Find it. Search for it.

11 Learn to Rely on Yourself

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, emotion, film noir, Other people can hold you up – your family, your closest friends, and someday, the right person. But you are the one constant. Be there for yourself.

12 Assert Yourself

Assert Yourself But maybe … maybe don't get violent.

13 Go Day Drinking Once in a While

Go Day Drinking Once in a While Let loose, is actually the point. Do something a little reckless every now and then. Indulge in your vices, if you like, just exercise moderation.

14 Date Someone Who Makes You Laugh

Date Someone Who Makes You Laugh Even if it's just a casual date for the sole purpose of laughing until your cheeks hurt.

15 Get Yourself Some Flowers

Get Yourself Some Flowers Why wait for someone else to get them for you? Flowers are beautiful. Just looking at them will make you feel better.

16 Throw a Singles Party

Throw a Singles Party Even if it's just you and your friends.

17 Find a New Hobby

Find a New Hobby For the record, yes, taking naps is a perfectly acceptable hobby.

What's the first thing you do – or used to do, as the case may be – when you get out of a relationship?

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