8 Fab Flirting Tips for Girls That Don't Know How to Flirt ...


If you are dying for some flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, you don't have to look anywhere else! I had no idea how to flirt when I first started do it and now, with these flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, I am a pro! The key? Practicing before you actually head over to the person you are trying to attract!

1. Know Your Comfort Zone

When you are first learning how to flirt and learning all about flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, knowing your comfort zone is going to be the most important thing! Your comfort zone should never be pushed and it should be taken pretty seriously. Remember girls, flirting is supposed to be fun!

Practice Flirting


megan parker
theres this boy i kind of like. he always looks at me and calls my name and he always talks to me first. but my best friend likes him? do you think he likes me?
Heather Jensen
Hi Lily! I would say that the weather is always a safe bet -- also weekend plans, hobbies or even new stores opening ('hey, have you see that new painting place opening? Really cool!'), things like ...
Hi Heather :) What are some good topics to bring up when you run out of things to say to your crush, at school? I always get tongue tied and the conversation drifts awkwardly!
Heather Jensen
Hi Sirena! Just put yourself out there and be confident! :)
@Isabel that happens to me all the time!! Like,I'll think that someone's flirting with me a little,but then the next day,they don't even acknowledge me!!
Flirting isn't an issue but how do I know if the guy is interested ? How am I sure ? I never seem to get it or notice it when a guy is into me...
Thanks that really helps
Ok so theirs this guy I like and he always clicks his pen so when he left to go talk to his friend I took his pen and started clicking it then he comes from behind me and puts his arm around me like I...
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