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7 Tips on How to Hint for a Kiss from Your Crush ...

By Heather

I've gotten a ton of comments asking how to hint for a kiss from your crush. If you're wondering exactly how to hint for a kiss from your crush, you've got to take a look below! Whether you want to take the step and lean forward to kiss him or you want him to know that you are ready for a kiss, take a look below – I bet you'll be surprised at what you see!

1 Locking Gaze

Oh yes, the top way on how to hint for a kiss from your crush is locking your gaze with him! Weird, right? Eye contact can bring on lip contact? It's true though! When you are looking at him, just smile and hold onto his gaze. Your eyes can tell a heck of a lot about you and so can his, so look deep into his eyes and maybe, just maybe pucker your lips a little bit.

2 Move Closer

When you're really ready for a kiss, you've got to be close to your crush, right? Moving inches closer, allowing your legs to brush and playing a little coy is a great way to really let him know that you might be ready for him to kiss you. This trick works great when you really are trying to flirt with your crush too!

3 Tilt Your Head

Once you get close, the next step is to tilt your head, play with your hair, keep smiling at him. You want to hint remember, you don't want to come on too strong, instead, you want to just be subtle about it all. Tilting your head will put you in the perfect position to get kissed!

4 Glance down at His Lips

You know in movies when the girl or guy is constantly moving from eye contact to looking at their crush's lips? Well, mimic that! Glance down at his lips and really take them in before shooting your eyes back up to his. It's a surefire sign that you are just waiting to be kissed!

5 Wet Your Lips

Wetting your lips can be a really sexy move and a great way to draw attention to your lips. Just stick your tongue out a little bit and run it over your lips to leave them glossy and pretty! This one is a great way to really hint that you are ready for a kiss!

6 Lean Close

Once you get close to him, make sure that you are leaning in closer and that you are really right in his face almost (okay, maybe not right in his face, but make sure that you are close so he won't have to go too far). Kissing is a huge step for a lot of people, so you've got to make sure that he knows you are ready.

7 Smile

Finally, I've been telling you throughout the post to smile and it's so true! You need to flash a smile, glance down, be coy and really play up your lips and teeth. Also – make sure that you have breath mints at the ready, so that you'll be super minty fresh!

Guys can sometimes be scared to move to the next step, but when they feel like they are being guided, it works out better. So, hint that you are ready for a kiss! What was your first kiss like? Share your story!

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