7 Terrific Tips on Being a Great Wingwoman ...


7 Terrific Tips on Being a Great Wingwoman ...
7 Terrific Tips on Being a Great Wingwoman ...

If you’ve ever found yourself playing the role of wingwoman, why not brush up on some tips on being a wingwoman! I’m sure your friends also take over the role on occasion, so why not show them how it’s done?! Before we get into it, the definition of a wingwoman varies depending on whom you ask. Some people look at it as a female wingman who helps hook their male friends up with girls; others see it as a female equivalent of the wingman, where you help your girls get the guy. I’ll be focusing on the latter definition for this post so keep reading for some excellent tips on being a wingwoman!

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Find a Friend with opposite Taste

I want to start of these top tips on being a wingwoman by suggesting that you try to find a friend with opposite taste in men. Of course this isn’t always possible and it might not happen, but helping your friend hook up with your dream guy isn’t the ideal situation! If you and your friend happen to have similar types, it could make things a little tricky but not impossible. Hey, she’s your girl so you want the best for her, right?


Be Helpful when the Creeps Come out

Another one of the cardinal rules on how to be a good wing girl is help your friend out when she’s cornered by creeps or stuck in a convo with someone she’d rather not be talking to. Help the girl out by running interference and providing her with an out, a fake name, fake number, whatever it takes!


Be on the Lookout for a Potential Good Catch

Part of being a good wingwoman is knowing your girlfriend’s type and helping steer her towards someone you think is worthy of her time. You don’t have to go around interviewing everyone, but you can learn a lot about some by observing their interaction with others. Is he rude to the bartender? Is he the only one laughing at his immature douche-y jokes?


Be Mindful of Your Friend’s Bad Choices

Friends don’t let friends waste their time talking to jerks. If you observe your gal pal spending way too much time and energy chatting up a blockhead that’s clearly not worth it, let her know. Come up with a signal or a phrase beforehand so you can surreptitiously rescue her from a potentially sticky situation. She might not understand at the moment but she’ll thank you later for saving her from a bad decision!


Help the Conversation along

Another tip on being a good wingwoman is to help her out when she’s talking to someone she obviously fancies. If you’re okay with the guy and your friend is obviously into him, help her out. If there’s a lull in the conversation or if your normally outgoing friend suddenly turns shy, get her to loosen up by helping the conversation along and making her laugh. You know how to make your friend feel comfortable!

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Talk Her up

In addition to helping your friend keep the convo going, feel free to talk her up! If your friend is usually shy or just needs an extra push to get her confidence going, jump in and let the suitor know what a kick-ass person she is! You don’t want your friend to miss out on a great guy because she suddenly got tongue-tied or nervous. Another tip to keep in mind is to not be too obvious about it or it can be more awkward than helpful!


Be Real

The last tip on how to be a good wing girl is to encourage your friend to be herself! There is no point in your friend acting like someone she’s not to get a guy when she’s not being her true self! You know what an awesome person she is, so there is absolutely no reason for her to act any other way than her adorable self!

Are you ready to hit the town with your girlfriends?! Being a wingwoman can be fun, and if you’re a fab wingwoman for your friends, they’ll return the favor to you. Keep these tips in mind and remember above all to have fun and be safe! Do you have any tips on being a wingwoman?

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