15 Facts πŸ“œ about Female πŸ‘© Orgasms πŸ™Š ...


Let’s not beat around the bush, orgasms are great, arguably the best physical sensation that any female can experience! It can be quite a shock when you have your very first one, and it can continue to be a shock the more you get to know your own body and find ways to make your pleasure even more intense! One of the best things, though, is that something as pure and simple as an orgasm is actually an area filled with interesting information! Here are fifteen facts about female orgasms that are worth knowing!

1. It’s Teachable

Believe it or not, orgasms are actually teachable in terms of working on your muscles down there. If you do your pelvic floor exercises (that motion of like stopping in the middle of peeing), then you will find that your climaxes get stronger and stronger.



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