Awesome Ways to Make Missionary Sex More Exciting ...


Awesome Ways to Make Missionary Sex More Exciting  ...
Awesome Ways to Make Missionary Sex More Exciting  ...

For the majority of straight women out there, the missionary position is the first sexual position you try. It’s a tried and tested classic, and when it is done right it can feel just as good as any other position, but the thing with missionary is that it has the potential to be really boring and unsatisfying if you or your partner aren’t pulling your weight! Here are some ways to make missionary sex more exciting.

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Skinning up

One of the best things about missionary is that it allows for a massive amount of skin to skin contact between you and your partner. Make sure to maximise sensation and intimacy by both being completely naked. And please, god, remember to take your socks off and make sure he does too; leaving them on is the opposite of sexy!



Just because you are on your back, it doesn’t mean that you should be still and just make your partner do all of the work. Provide as much motion for the joint ocean as you can, as well as using your legs to wrap around him and your hands to stroke and scratch and grip!


Play with Yourself

Do the most you can to maximise your own pleasure by playing with yourself as you are being penetrated. Work on stimulating your clitoris either with your hand or a toy at the same time as your partner is thrusting; it heightens the pleasure and intensity by an insane amount!



And moving on from that, you really should be more open to using all the toys that, thanks to the internet, are at your disposal! Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that sex toys are only for solo play. They can be just as much, if not more, fun when you are using them with a partner to reach certain areas that missionary sex on its own can’t reach!


Love Ring

And speaking of toys, one toy, in particular, the love ring is perfect for providing joint pleasure when performing the missionary position. Not only does it act as a cock ring for the guy, allowing his penis to be harder and longer lasting, but it also vibrates which gives you an extra thrill with each individual thrust. It definitely leaves both parties happy!

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