A Safe Guide to Spanking Pleasure for Beginners ...

By Sici

If you and your partner are in the mood to spice up your love life a little bit and turn things up a notch in terms of excitement in the bedroom, it would be fair to assume that one of the first ideas that gets thrown out there is spanking. Spanking is one of those things that isn’t super scary but is different enough to make you feel like you are trying something new and exhilarating. It can be as light or as rough as both of you want, and is a great tester to see if you would enjoy the possibility of taking things even further at a later date! Of course, though, as with anything sexual, it is best to as educated and prepared as possible! Here is a safe guide to spanking for beginners.

1 Safe Word

Before you do anything physical, it is important to agree on a safe word with your partner. This is a word that either of you can say if you are feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable, and when it is said, all sexual activity stops. Make sure that you choose something easy to remember and clear to hear!

2 Thutt

Aim for the thutt! Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s the magical sweet spot between the top of your thighs and the bottom of your cheeks that is the perfect place for a good slap. It’s nice and soft and naturally fatty so it’s a good area to start with to ascertain comfort levels before going any further.

3 Light Start

Like with anything new, it’s always best to start slow and soft! Begin with light spanking and then increase the pressure and speed in agreement with your partner. It is incredibly important to make sure that you are on the same page together the whole time because even one misplaced or overly heavy-handed slap can kill the mood instantly.

4 Graduate

Once you have sufficiently explored with your hands, you can always increase the tension and experience by introducing toys and tools. Things like whips and paddles are some of the most commonly sold items across sex shops and saucy online stores, so don’t be scared to make a few sexy purchases when you want to take it to the next level!

5 Aftercare

Make sure to take care of yourself with nice lotions and potions after a good spanking session. You always want to keep things on the right side of the pain/pleasure barrier, and taking care of your skin will help to keep you on that right side!

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