How to Rough Things up during Sex ...


How to Rough Things up during Sex ...
How to Rough Things up during Sex ...

Did you know that rough sex is one of the most searched for terms across the majority of porn websites on the internet? This act, along with the rise in popularity of things like the Fifty Shades series in a clear indicator that lots of us out there are interested in the rougher, more adventurous kind of sex, but are maybe too shy or too scared to try it out in real life! Rough sex doesn’t have to be something that you go from 1 to 100 with in the bedroom right away; there are plenty of beginner and intermediate stages to explore first! Here are some suggestions to how to rough things up during sex.

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Use something that you already have, your nails! A bit of light scratching can feel really sexy at the right moments, and the slight mix of pain and pleasure can do wonderful things for amping up the sexual tension. Experiment with your man to see how much he can take; you never know, you might even get so worked up that you make a lasting mark!



When it’s done right, there is nothing sexier than a bit of biting! You can start with giving rough, hard hickies to one another, and graduate to using your teeth when you both feel ready. Biting lips, the neck, and more sensitive body parts can make for a hell of a good time!



Play around with your strength, almost turning your trysts in to a bit of a wrestling match. Experimenting with the power dynamic in a sexual partnership can be a real turn on, but make sure to have a safe word in place if you or your partner start to feel overwhelmed and overpowered in an uncomfortable or upsetting way.


Rough sex can be a great way to spice up your sex life, but it's important to make sure you're both comfortable with the level of intensity. Talk to your partner about your boundaries and establish a safe word that can be used if either of you feel overwhelmed. You can also experiment with different levels of intensity, such as light spanking, biting, or hair pulling. Make sure to communicate throughout the experience and check in with each other to ensure that both of you are enjoying it.


Hair Pulling

It’s usually something reserved for girl fights at school, but hair pulling can be a really sexy and simple way to add some roughness to your sex life. Have him pull your hair to varying degrees when you are on the verge of climax. Again, that mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time can make for mind-blowing orgasms!



Your backside is probably the place on your body that can take the hardest slap, so make the most of it by experimenting with spanking! And don’t let him off the hook either. Make sure to turn the tables and reverse the roles at some point!

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