How to Have Amazing Sex on Your Wedding Night ...


How to Have Amazing Sex on Your Wedding Night ...
How to Have Amazing Sex on Your Wedding Night ...

Across nearly all of the cultures in the world, there is a big significance and importance placed around the act having sex on your wedding night. Although in the majority of cases these days it won’t actually be the first time you go to bed with your partner, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want the occasion to be just like any other night at home! You want your wedding night to be a special and memorable event, and there are definitely a few things you can do to ensure that! Here is how to have amazing sex on your wedding night.

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Hotel Vibe

If you are staying in a hotel, go as luxurious as your budget allows and take full advantage. A honeymoon suite always comes with a host of extras. A special hotel room adds to the special nature of the night!



I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink anything at your own wedding, but perhaps try to refrain from getting so drunk that you won’t be able to perform to your best ability later on in the night.


Bathe Together

Start the night off sensually by bathing together. It’s a great way to unwind after the chaos of the day, and it refreshes you both for what is about to come later on in the evening!


Try New Things

What better way to celebrate your wedding night than to try new things in the bedroom? You have a whole life together to get weird and kinky, so put your best foot forward and start doing it on the first day of matrimony!


Sneak Away

Put a little bit of naughtiness back in to your married life by sneaking away from your reception early. It will take you back to time in your youth when you had to sneak around your parents!


Dirty Talk

Drop your new husband little snippets of dirty talk during the day when he doesn’t have an opportunity to do anything about it. By the time you manage to get away together at the end of the night, he will be driven wild with sexual energy and lust!



Have a couple of your best bridesmaids go up to your room beforehand and set the scene with some rose petals and scented candles; all of that traditional stuff that gets the atmosphere going just right!



Sex toys are fun and a pleasurable addition to any sexual experience, so why not give yourself and your husband a wedding gift of your own with some new gadgets to play with!?



Your wedding dress is obviously the number one garment for the day, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some super sexy lingerie to change in to later on to finish the night off perfectly!



Don’t forget the lube! The smoother your wedding night experience can be the better, so use as much product help as you want to ensure an enjoyable wedding night!

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