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A Guide to Hair Pulling during Sex ...

By Sici

When you are looking for things to add to your bedroom experience to spice it up and make it more intense, hair pulling is definitely one of the things that first comes to mind. It isn’t an act that is crazy enough to scare you or your partner away, but when it is done right, it can be absolutely amazing! To make sure that you go forward with the correct approach, here is a brief guide to hair pulling during sex.

1 The Back

The best place to pull to cause a pleasurable sensation is around the back of the scalp, basically the opposite side compared to the face!

2 Four Fingers

Basically start by running your four fingers down the back of your partner’s neck, just below the hairline, then point upwards and work your way up in to their hair from that direction.

3 Grab

Once you reach a spot where you can get good purchase, pull the hair not by yanking, but instead by scrunching your fist up into a slow ball, remembering to start off being gentle and then increasing your grip with consent and encouragement.

4 Pulling Downwards

Don’t just let go of the hair in that scrunched position, instead slowly pull downwards, allowing the hair to slip out of your fingers bit by bit which provides some more sensation.

5 Repeat

Don’t just try it the once and then move on to something else. The more you pull hair in all of the different sensitive areas, the better it will feel after a while and the more it will contribute to your arousal and your growing orgasm.


It may seem a bit porn-movie-ish, but there is pleasure gained when a girl wears a ponytail and her man is able to pull on it. The act of pulling from behind arches your back, thrusting your breasts upwards, creating a great entry position for your man from behind. It's a gentle way to introduce some light S&M.

7 Practise

The best way to perfect your skills is just to practise with a willing partner!

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