17 Bad Habits That Could Negatively Impact Your Love Life ...


17 Bad Habits That Could Negatively Impact Your Love Life ...
17 Bad Habits That Could Negatively Impact Your Love Life ...

If you don't have any incentive to stop your bad habit, you have one now. If you continue it, then you could end up inadvertently destroying your love life. How? Well, men won't be happy if you have any of these bad habits:

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Smoking Most people aren't fans of smelling smoke. It's even worse when they have to taste it on their lips when they kiss you.



Drinking It's okay to have a few beers every once in a while. But if your drinking gets out of hand, and you always look sloppy, your man won't want to stick around.


Blaming Others

Blaming Others If you never take responsibility for your actions, others will consider you immature. You need to own up to your mistakes if you want to sustain a healthy relationship.



Self-criticism We all have things we dislike about ourselves. However, if you have super low self-esteem, it could ruin your love life. Your low confidence will stop you from going after the guy you want.


Constant Complaining

Constant Complaining Men don't want to hear constant complaints while you're out at dinner. They prefer positivity, so try not to be too much of a downer.


Too Obsessed with Electronics

Too Obsessed with Electronics If you pay more attention to your phone than to your boyfriend, he isn't going to be happy. You should live in the moment and listen to him when he's speaking, instead of neglecting him to stare at a screen.


Fast Food

Fast Food Fast food is convenient, but it's incredibly unhealthy. Learn to make a few simple meals, so that your man isn't always stuck going to Taco Bell with you.


Spending Too Much Money

Spending Too Much Money When you marry someone, you'll pool your money together. That's why your man won't want to be with you if you can't control your spending.


Forgetting Things

Forgetting Things If you forget your anniversary, your man won't be pleased. He'll be just as upset if you forget his birthday, so try to start remembering important events.


Holding Grudges

Holding Grudges Don't stay angry at his mother for what she said to you three years ago. Get over it, so that you can have a happy relationship.


Being Needy

Being Needy Your man will always be there for you, but he won't always be next to you. If you won't give him a second alone, then you might scare him away.


Having No Filter

Having No Filter It's good to be honest. However, it's no good to say mean things, because you didn't think your words through before you spit them out.


Sleeping in Too Late

Sleeping in Too Late If you waste your entire day by sleeping through it, when will you have time for your man? The earlier you wake up, the more time you'll have to spend with him.


Never Getting Any Sleep

Never Getting Any Sleep If you never get any sleep, you'll be cranky. That means you two will end up fighting more than you should.



Procrastinating If you tell your man you'll do the dishes, but you keep putting the task off, he's going to get angry. Do what you say you'll do.


Swearing Too Much

Swearing Too Much You're allowed to swear. Just don't throw a curse word into every single sentence, especially when you're around your boyfriend's parents.


Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing Yourself to Others If you're always asking him if he finds a celebrity prettier than you, it'll show how jealous you are. Men hate that trait, so try not to compare yourself to every woman you see.

It's hard to break a habit, but it's always possible. What's your bad habit?

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Just do you. Take care of yourself for you. Help bad habits for yourself not others

Being divorced, I know that I made some of these mistakes: sleeping too late and always eating out. While I didn't eat fast food, I felt we could afford to eat at different restaurants. The author of this article is not being biased towards women nor is the author 's intent is to insult women. The purpose is to instruct and educate women. The audience of all women's stalk are women. Perhaps there are men who read the articles too but the general public are women. Since this forums don't present as unisex, women should come with an approach to grasp what helps you. Of course we are entitled to our opinions.

Great article

I think we all have a few of those bad habits listed same goes to men as well. I’m sure I won’t go out with a piping chimney. As for complaining, we all need to let out our steam at times just don’t on and on without a full stop.

Great tips for both people

These tips go both ways. It's not just my responsibility to act like this, my partner needs to too. The article seems like it's putting all the pressure on you; like if your "man" gets angry, it's entirely your fault... I don't like that.

Great tips

All the things that are listed they truly are negative things that can affect your relationship. Smoking is a big deal breaker I know we should judge people if they smoke but I know myself that it's ugly and not attractive. Drinking it depends on how you drink. I mean if ou both drink together and have a good time and ain't sloppy then that shouldn't be a problem. But blaming others definitely if you know it's your fault own up to it, cause if you lie your relationships gonna be a lie. Self criticism never doubt yourself or put your self down. Don't ever compare your self to other girls cause every girl has something wrong with them. But definitely never compare yourself to your partners ex's that a big no no. Constantly complaining. That sure is a negative thing i admit I complain a lot and I have learnt that it does drive your boy away. I mean I've experienced I use to complain a lot, and that cause me heartaches from my bf of 5yrs as he was going behind my back with other chicks.

I agree with @brooke

Bad Habits die hard! ahaha

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