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Amazing Reasons to Date a Younger Man for Curious Women ...

By Neecey

The age debate never stops. But it appears that women who date younger men seem to get a rougher deal than men who date younger women. They get called cradle snatchers and the objects of their affections get called toy boys. (And yes, the other way round suffers too, with accusations of being a trophy wife or a gold digger.) The human race is way too judgmental. Love happens in mysterious ways! There are plenty of good reasons to date a younger man, in case you are wondering.

1 Young Guys Are Hotties

Let's face it, most mature men have little more than an abundance of nasal and ear hair to recommend them - great, if you're an anthropologist writing an academic paper on human woolliness but not so great when you're looking for a handsome beau to light up your love life. Young guys are hot, fit and a lot less inclined to bore you rigid with their "life experience" monologues. If you ever needed valid reasons to date a younger man, think "nasal hair"!

2 You Stay in Control

Young hotties are also fine with you being at the controls of your relation-ship cockpit. In fact, it's because they appreciate a woman who knows her own mind that they're with you in the first place. You call the shots; how's that for a cougar treat?


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3 Aretha Said It: RESPECT

Most mature men regard themselves as alpha-dog in all of their relationships; they want to provide and protect at best, dominate, bully and boss around at worst. Young men admire your talents, self-determination and pay you respect rather than want to put you down just because you've dared to show independence of mind. Soul diva Aretha Franklin stated it loud and clear: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is what you want.

4 Less Romantic Baggage

Since young men come with far less romantic baggage, he'll be able to devote his attention and time to you, instead of ex-wives and kids or custody battles over pets.

5 Boundless Energy Bundle

Having a young guy by your side who's energetic, sporty and enthusiastic about life will rub off on you and make you happier, more productive and the experience more fun. Allow him to take you clubbing, even if you haven't the foggiest idea what type of music's playing - open up your mind to a new life and new experiences.

6 Not Afraid of Change

Instead of going out with a man who's predictable and set in his ways, you'll be able to embrace life to the full and try out new things. Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, parachuting in Patagonia or making a hot and steamy video in your bedroom - younger guys will be far less afraid of change than mature guys and you'll get more fun out of life.

7 Full of Dreams and Aspirations

Who wants to stare skepticism, pessimism and faded aspirations in the face over the breakfast table? Young men are still full of dreams for the future, have career and relationship aspirations and a positive outlook that will inspire you, not depress you.

8 Rewind, Restart, but Don't Repeat Relationship Mistakes

His infectious energy and enthusiasm will help you to rewind to an earlier "you," the girl you were before chauvinist partners cowed you and turned you into a cynic. Allow the "girl with a spring in her step" to re-emerge without being dragged down by romantic baggage. Rewind, restart but don't repeat relationship mistakes.

9 Great Pillow Talk

Among the many reasons to date a younger man has to be that his boundless energy will translate into great escapades in bed. Pillow talk afterwards will also be more fun - he's relishing your greater experience in matters of sex and will be an eager student, listening not only to your advice but also trying to live up to your expectations.

Of course, this isn’t saying don’t date an older man or one close you your age. I just wanted you to feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to consider dating a younger man (just like it’s perfectly ok to consider dating a much older man). Don’t let prejudice thwart the path of love!

I once dated a 16-year-old when I was 22. Although, I did think he was 18 ... but that’s a story for another day! ^_^

Have you dated a younger man? What was your experience? Good or bad?

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