7 Gifs That Capture Everyone's Dream Relationship ...


7 Gifs That Capture Everyone's Dream Relationship ...
7 Gifs That Capture Everyone's Dream Relationship ...

There are some adorable GIFs that capture dream relationships that you can admire until you find someone who treats you like a princess. The characters in the GIFs may not be the best examples of a perfect couple, but they have all had their good moments. You might not want your life to end up like theirs, but you can certainly be jealous about certain aspects of their love. Here are some of the cutest GIFs that capture dream relationships:

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Never Apart

Never Apart When you find someone you're head over heels in love with, you won't want to spend a moment apart. Even though you have to separate to go to work or your house, you'll want to call or text them to get a taste of their voice. This is one of the GIFs that capture dream relationships, because it shows that someone who really cares about you won't want to spend a day without you.


Together Forever

Together Forever You want to find someone who will always be by your side, no matter what you decide to do. If you want to quit your job or buy a puppy, they'll support you. They love you more than anything, so if you think something is a good decision, they won't try to change your mind about it. They'll be right there with you.


Friends First

Friends First You don't have to be friends with your boyfriend before you date, but it helps. You don't want him to just be someone that you kiss and hug without ever having a playful conversation with. He should be someone whom you laugh with and share your hopes and dreams with. He should be more than your mate--he should be your best friend.


Fight for You

Fight for You When someone loves you, they'll try as hard as they can to get you. They won't let you leave their life without telling you how they feel. If they truly care, then they'll let you know that they can't live without you. They'll need to get out the words.


More and More

More and More When you're with the right person, your love for them will grow every single day. Even when you see their flaws and find out their annoying quirks, you'll keep loving them. Your feelings shouldn't disappear when the honeymoon stage ends. They should grow deeper by the day, for as long as you're together.


Make You Smile

Make You Smile If you've seen Lost, you'll already know all about this scene. Claire misses the taste of peanut butter, so Charlie gives her an empty jar and pretends the treat is in it. Even though he couldn't find the actual snack, he finds a way to make her smile. All he wants is for her to be happy, and he does all he can to make her that way.


Cute Kisses

Cute Kisses Relationships aren't all about the kisses, but they're a pretty big part. You want to find someone whom you love kissing and can't keep your hands off of. When you're with the right person, every kiss will feel magical, so you won't be able to get enough.

Don't worry about being single, because you're bound to find a love like the love in these GIFs. Who's your absolute favorite couple from TV, a movie, or a novel?

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This was absolutely adorable! And very accurate. I could identify with all of these.

I read gifs as "gifts" ;(

Elizabeth and mr Darcy:)

Cute article!

So happy Lost was on here! Adore that tv series.

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