7 Types of Love Stories We'd All Love to Experience ...


7 Types of Love Stories We'd All Love to Experience ...
7 Types of Love Stories We'd All Love to Experience ...

From the time we’re children, we’re exposed to different types of love stories. Most of them are fashioned in a way that makes us wish we were a part of them. How many fairy tales and romantic comedies have you been jealous of? There are various types of love stories that would be exciting to experience in real life.

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Forbidden Love

Despite the ending of the play, everyone loves the story of Romeo and Juliet. Knowing that your man is risking everything in order to be with you is exciting. It shows how much he wants to be with you, and that he doesn’t care about the consequences of your love. Forbidden love is tied together with strong passion, which is what makes it so thrilling. Out of all of the different types of love stories, forbidden romance is the most glorified.


Childhood Friends

How cute are stories about couples who have known each other since they were babies? They grew up together, so they know everything about each other. They’ve seen each other at their best and worst. By the time they graduate from high school, they’ve already known each other for more than a decade. It’s adorable that some couples have managed to stay close since they were in diapers.


Imagine the shared memories and inside jokes that span years, underpinning their bond with a strength unique to those who've navigated life's ups and downs together. From playground chases to awkward teenage dances, their love story is woven with nostalgia and deep understanding. There's a special kind of comfort in love that's grown slowly, with the familiarity and trust built in a truly organic way. For these lovebirds, their significant other isn't just a partner, but also a piece of home that has always been there.


Hate at First Sight

Tons of romantic comedies consist of a man and woman who have a horrible first meeting. Maybe they’re forced to work together on a project or maybe they’re stuck together in an elevator. Either way, they both want to get away from each other. However, when they’re stuck together for an extended period of time, they learn to love each other. It’s always nice to end up liking someone that you originally hated. How great would it be to end up loving them?


Hate at first sight is a common trope in romantic comedies, in which two people who initially can't stand each other eventually fall in love. This type of love story is often seen as a fantasy, as it allows people to imagine what it would be like to experience the transformation from dislike to love. It often follows a classic narrative arc, in which two people are forced to spend time together, gradually learn to appreciate each other's qualities, and eventually fall in love. This type of story can be seen as a metaphor for the power of love to overcome obstacles, and it is a popular subject for filmmakers, authors, and fans of romantic comedies.


Old Flame

He was your college sweetheart until he moved away. Ten years later, you run into him and you’re both still single. You get back together and everything is as perfect as it once was. You were separated for years, where you had time to live your own separate lives. Now you’re reunited and you can finally get the happy ever after you both dreamed of when you were young.


First Sight

The moment you see him, you know that he’s meant for you. There are instant sparks. You’re hooked from your first look. Once you get to know him, you realize that his personality is as grand as his appearance. You end up together, all because of that first glance.


The concept of "love at first sight" has been a popular trope in many romantic stories, and for good reason. It is a powerful and captivating experience to feel an instant connection with someone upon first glance. This type of love story is often portrayed as intense and passionate, with the potential for a deep and meaningful relationship. While it may not happen for everyone, it is a common fantasy that many women hope to experience in their own lives. However, it is important to note that love at first sight is not always a reliable indicator of a successful and long-lasting relationship. It takes time and effort to truly get to know someone and build a strong and lasting connection.


Secret Crush

You’ve liked him for years, but he’d never feel the same way about you. Of course, he does feel the same, but is too scared to tell you. You both hide your feelings, worried that the other one will never settle for you. One day, you decide to be brave and let out your feelings. You find out that he’s been pining for you as well, and you finally get the relationship you’ve both been hoping for.


This kind of love story is the stuff of dreams, where the fear of unrequited affection grips both of you until that moment of revelation. Imagine the years of glances and the untold stories that suddenly come pouring out in a confession that changes everything. It's the intimate journey from the silent acknowledgment of feelings to the unbridled joy of mutual love. When you both finally take the leap, it’s like unlocking a secret garden where everything is in bloom – a testament to the beauty of risks taken and the sweet rewards that bravery can bring.


Friend to Lover

You might not have been friends with him since childhood, but you’ve created a strong bond since you’ve met. He’s your buddy, so you hang out with him frequently. You never thoughts of him as anything more than a friend until one day when you realize how perfect he is. Your friendship is flawless, so why not turn it into a relationship? Once you become a couple, your connection becomes stronger than ever.

Reality is never as simple as the movies make it seem, but you can still end up with a great love story. Have you ever experienced any of these situations? Was the outcome pleasant or horrid?

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First sight

My current boyfriend and i have a combination of 3 of them. Forbidden, secret crush, and friend to lover

Dot forget meeting online accidentally

Friend to lover

Ohhhh love at first

Mine is number 5

First sight and still going!!!(:

The 6th point is kinda my situation with my bf rn :)

First sight was pretty rare for me but my first bf was that....and usually i Get the no 6 or 3 has experiences wit no 12456 and now im in the 1 st one and 5 , 7with my Current 1 he is like my best frend n all too

Mine was 6 and 7. I had a crush on him for a while but then I got over it. We had mutual friends and started hanging out. After a while he became one of my best friends. He helped through a lot of tough times including my best friend's death. My junior year of high school we started dating and stayed together throughout high school and are still together during college.

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