8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...


8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...
8 Things Women Love about a Guy's Body ...

We've done a lot of posts about what a guy likes about a girl's body, but what about things women love about a guy's body? Don't you ladies have certain body parts on a guy that just drive you crazy? For me, it's all about the eyes! Here is our chance to talk about all of the things women love about a guy's body! Let's take a look!

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What girl doesn't love a guy's strong arms wrapped around her body? This is one of the top things women love about a guy's body and with good reason! Arms are super attractive, especially when they are defined with muscles (although, for me, I like thinner, lithe guys!). Do you like guys' arms? Is that one of your favorite parts?


Women love a guy's body for many different reasons, but one of the most attractive features is a man's arms. Arms are strong and powerful, and when they are toned and muscular, they can be incredibly attractive. Women love to feel protected and safe when their man's arms are wrapped around them, and it can be a very intimate moment.

Having strong arms can also be a sign of a man's strength and capability. Women like to know that their man can protect them and take care of them, and strong arms can be a symbol of this. It can give a woman a sense of security and make her feel confident in her relationship.

Men's arms are also a great way to show off their style. Whether it's a nice watch, a bracelet, or a tattoo, arms are a great place to display accessories. Women love a man who takes pride in his appearance and takes care of himself, and having nice arms is a great way to show it.



I love a guy's torso, no matter what size it is, it's comforting to sink into a soft, squishy torso or to feel up a ripped one. A guy's torso can say a lot about them! What about you ladies, are you obsessed with your man's torso, or is that just not your cup of tea?


Women love a guy's torso for many reasons. A guy's torso can be a great source of comfort, whether it's soft and squishy or ripped and toned. It can also be a tell-tale sign of a man's physical health and fitness. Women also appreciate a guy's torso because it can provide a sense of protection and security, as well as a feeling of being loved and cherished. Plus, it's a great place to cuddle up to! A guy's torso is a powerful symbol of masculinity and strength, and it can be a great source of attraction for many women.


Broad Shoulders

My mom is one of the women that I knows that is obsessed with broad shoulders. She loves that my dad has them and every single guy that she states is cute or hot has them too. What is about the broad shoulders, ladies? Do you like them? For me, I like my guys a little on the smaller side, so broad shoulders aren't my cup of tea, but they are popular!


Women have been known to admire broad shoulders on men since time immemorial. It’s a trait that has been seen as a sign of strength and masculinity, and as a result, it has become a desirable trait among many women.

Broad shoulders have been seen as a sign of power and strength in many cultures throughout history. They are often associated with traits such as leadership, courage, and dependability. Broad shoulders can also give the impression of a larger and more muscular physique, which can be attractive to many women.

Research has shown that women find broad shoulders to be a sign of good health and fertility. A study conducted by the University of California found that women rated men with broad shoulders as more attractive than men with narrow shoulders. This is likely due to the fact that broad shoulders are associated with greater physical strength and stamina.

In addition to physical traits, broad shoulders can also be associated with certain personality traits. Men with broad shoulders often display a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance, which can be attractive to women. They are also often seen as being more reliable and dependable, which can be a desirable trait for many women.



The very first thing that I look at (besides eyes, which is next!) on a guy is his lips. Are they full? Are they thin? How do they look? How are they shaped? Does he smile? It's all there and his lips can tell a lot. I love a guy with really full, puckered little lips!


This doesn't mean that thinner lips are a deal-breaker, far from it! Sometimes, the charm is in the way he speaks or how his lips quirk up at the corners in a half-smile. It's about the expressiveness and the warmth that comes through. When a guy has a genuine smile, it's absolutely contagious and suddenly, it's not just about the lips, but the whole package. Those moments when he laughs, revealing a little bit of his soul, that's what truly catches the heart. And if he's got a hint of playfulness to his grin, even better – it's totally irresistible!



Eyes are absolutely one of my favorite things about a guy (or a girl for that matter!). I think that eyes are the windows to the soul and no matter the color, they truly can tell a lot about a guy. For me, I love a guy with light green eyes, amber eyes or blue, blue eyes. What's your favorite color?


It's not just the color though, it's also about the way a guy's eyes can communicate without words. A deep, intense gaze can be so captures', sending shivers down your spine. Or when eyes light up with laughter, it's truly infectious. And let's not forget those long, swoon-worthy lashes that some guys have, framing their eyes in the most dramatic and beautiful way. When a guy has kind and expressive eyes, he doesn't even need to speak; you can feel what he's thinking and feeling, and that's incredibly alluring.


Strong Jawline

Defined, strong jawlines are another thing that just get me. I love them! If you can tell that the guy is angry because his jawline ticks, that's a huge plus for me! Jawlines are something that a lot of people don't think about when they think about what drives them crazy, but I love them!



Another piece of a man's body that I love is their abdomen. Now, I like a little cushion, so if they have it, awesome! It has to be a little soft when you sink into them. What type of abdomen do you like, girls? Cushion or rock-hard?


Large Hands

Finally, the last piece of a guy's body that I love is large hands. I think that if a guy has large hands, he is very, very strong. Large hands also mean that they can grip and pull more!

So girls, these are all of the things that I love on a guy's body, do you have any more that you can give up? What is your favorite part of a guy's body? Comment below!

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I love brown eyes....... So sexy.

Does anybody know who that guy on the picture is? I saw him once and I forgot where it was!

Large hands means touch all over my body!! Lol haha

Shoulders and arms... Nom!

Tall dark handsome !! Who is this model in the pic ... He's gorgeous !

My favourite are calves! It's weird but a good defined calf is so sexy. Backs are a close second.

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