Help! I Don't Love Him Anymore. I Can't Leave Him. What Can I do? 😟 💔 😭 ...

Oh, girl, I've been there. You're madly in love with someone, build your life with him... and then you fall madly out of love with him. But your lives are entwined, and you feel overwhelmed. How can you possibly get out of the relationship and keep your life in tact? I can help. Here are seven simple steps — truly, just seven! — to get out of your romantic entanglement. 👍

1. Safety First!

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Wait! Are you leaving because he's been abusive! Please get help! There's a live person who you can talk, in confidence, 24/7 by calling. 1-800-799-7233.

2. Start Saving

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Even if you're not 100% sure the relationship is over, it's never a bad idea to start a little savings account. Set a little money aside, so if you do decide to end the relationship, you've got the means to start fresh.

3. Make a List

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In what ways are you and he entangled? Do you share an apartment, a bank account, a car, a dog? Make a list of all of the things you share, and try to figure out who would keep what, and what you'd need to separate everything.

4. What Are Your Rights?

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If you're worried your soon-to-be ex won't handle the breakup well, and will try to be vindictive, find out what your legal rights are. If he demands that you move out, how does the eviction process work? Find out now, before you tell him what's going on.

5. Hatch a Plan

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It's time to start thinking of what you want, and how you'll make it happen. Are you moving back in with your parents? A friend? Getting your own place? Make an outline of a plan, and start getting your ducks in a row.

6. Tell Him

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I can't stress this one enough — you need to gather up your courage and tell him what's going on. Chances are, he knows something's going on. Tell him, as difficult as it will be. You'll be surprised what a relief it will be.

7. Do It!

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Now that you have your plan, and you've told him, it's time to set your plan into motion! Give yourself a firm move-out deadline, and try your best to stick to it.

Moving out and moving on aren't impossible — there are always options! Do you have any other tips to share?

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