Here 👉🏼 Are the Reasons You Are an Asshole Magnet for Girls Who Can't Figure It out 💡 ...

Do you find yourself constantly ending up with people in your life that are...well, assholes? I'm right there with you! Sometimes it just happens two times too many, we've had had enough of these assholes and all we want is to find genuine guys who are going to treat us right! 😊 💑 ✨

Before that, however, consider the factors below which could explain why you only ever see an array of assholes around you, and use it to start attracting those who matter! ❤️ 💕 💖

1. You're Emotionally Vulnerable

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Are you someone who finds it fairly easy to open up about your feelings and lay your cards down on the table all at once? Don't worry - I'm like this too!

Although this is a mostly great thing to be able to do, it can also one reason why you could be attract guys that are assholes as they may see this and choose to take advantage!

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