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9 Times to Never Feel Bad about Ghosting a Guy for Girls Feeling Guilty ...

By Laura

The dating world is constantly evolving-sometimes not always for the best. It was one thing to get stood up or have a guy not call you back, but ghosting is a whole new kind of ugly! Ghosting is the intentional ignoring of phone calls or texts (usually pretty obviously too). And while it may seem mean, there are certain circumstances and times when it's ok to ghost him, without feeling guilty.

1 When He's Stood You up

Yes, sometimes things happen. You may have dating circumstances where you can't always make it either. But to have him blatantly stand you up, or worse, be a repeat offender, then ghosting him is totally okay and 100% necessary! After all, you don't want to give third and fourth (or more) chances only to be let down each and every time.

2 When You're Uncomfortable with Him

This one should go without saying, but some of us ladies have big hearts and can't help but feel bad being mean. However, if he ever says things that make you feel icky all over, you need to ghost him ASAP. Whether you catch him in a pretty important lie, or he's just giving you a bad gut feeling, don't hesitate to hit ignore or even block him before things get out of hand.


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3 When the First Date Sucked

It's one thing to have an awkward first date, it's a completely different story when the first date is a date from hell! Inappropriate sexual advances, horrible and unfit able conversations, whatever the reasoning, ghosting him because of a bad beyond belief first date is perfectly acceptable.

4 When He's Leading You on

Oh the age old story: boy and girl meet, boy leads girl on, girl ends up heartbroken. Instead of ending up heartbroken, why don't you initially ghost the guy who's giving mixed signals? This saves you from heartache and wasted time and will hopefully teach him a lesson about how he treats girls. And a bonus-you'll feel pretty BA about it.

5 When He's a Stage 5 Clinger

Eek! Makes me shudder just thinking about the clingy guy! I've been there; he treats you like his girlfriend way too soon, he obsessively texts and calls you, he shows up where he's not invited; those just name a few of the stage 5 clinger quotes and you DEFINITELY should feel no guilt about ghosting this type of man. You don't need that in your life, I promise.

6 When Your Life Isn't Fit for a Boyfriend

There's no ultimate law that says you can't date when your life has hit a rough patch, but sometimes the guy you're involved with doesn't understand or isn't who you need at the time. That's okay! But in that case, you should ghost him. If life is just too much to bear at the time, don't try to distract yourself with a man you can't devote yourself to.

7 When You Want Something else

Doesn't it suck when you meet someone and you think it's great then suddenly it's not? Like you want a relationship and he doesn't. Or He's wants a relationship and you just want casual. If you don't see a future and you can't bring yourself to tell him because you don't want false hope, go ahead and switch your invisible shield on because it's probably best to go ghost mode.

8 When You Haven't Actually Met

If the guy is just someone you've started talking to off a dating site, don't feel guilty when you decide it's not there and you want to cut things off, ghosting him is totally acceptable behavior. After all, you don't have any actual ties to each other anyways...

9 If You Don't Care about Closure

Sometimes your heart and mind aren't in it-that's okay! If you don't need a clean break to move on, then by all means go ahead and ghost girl! More than likely he won't push too hard so he'll move on quickly as well. Just be sure the decision you're making isn't one you're going to second guess or regret later on in life.

What reasons do you think ghosting is okay? Have you ever ghosted someone and felt bad? Let us know in the comments!

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