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12 Ways to Decode Your Date's Body Language ...

By Kiley

I am here to give you 12 ways to decode your date's body language. We all wonder what is going through a guy's mind when he is with you and with these decoder tips, you will now have more of an idea. Be aware of the way you respond to the body language cues too. He will respond off you the same way him. Good luck on your next date after reading these 12 ways to decode your date's body language.

1 He Extends His Palm

This is a clear sign the man is hooked! Extending your palm shows you are reaching out to the person to connect on a more intimate and personal level. On a medical note, our brain actually receives hand gestures in a certain way that makes your body feel what is being emoted besides see it.

2 He Strokes His Stomach

When you are with a guy and he strokes his stomach it's a subconscious move that shows he is an attention craver. He needs someone to constantly give him compliments and stroke his ego. This guy is capable of reciprocating what you give him, so make sure you throw out there as much as you want received.

3 He Leans in Close

When a guy is leaning in to you more than two feet away, he definitely has sex on his brain. This is a way men show they are trying to connect with you physically in a step to get intimate with you.

4 He Slouches His Shoulders

Men have a natural instinct to want to hold a girl when he finds her actions to be kind or loving. Don't judge your man for slouching his shoulders. Instead, look at it as him having a true connection towards you. If you want to know if he's really into you, the shoulder slump will tell all.

5 He Says Goodbye with a Soft Peck

Girls, don't take this as a sign your man isn't that into you. Instead, take it that he is a sweet nurturing guy. When a man plants a soft kiss on you it gestures him as the sensitive type who wants to take care of you.

6 He Strokes Your Head or Back

This is a guy who's physical actions correlate with his emotions. He is sensitive enough that he wants to nurture you, but full of passion when it comes to the bedroom! This is someone you want to mix up your sex routine with. Try bringing in the whip cream and strawberries for a fun time.

7 He Sits on His Hands

When a guy is sitting on his hands, he's literally sitting on his words. He wants to make sure you he doesn't screw up what is coming out of his mouth. It isn't about trying to lie or manipulate you. It's more about making sure he is impressing you and saying things that will please you.

8 He Says Goodbye with a Lengthy Lip Lock

If you were wondering if the guy your dating cares about you, then here is your answer. When the guy leaves you with a length lip lock its because he doesn't want to let you go. He definitely has sex with you on his mind, but it is more about how passionate he is about you.

9 When He Pushes Your Hair out of Your Eyes

This body language cue can go two ways. If he pushes the hair out of your eyes and does it with a smile on his face it is a sign he just wants to connect to you. It is a way to show you care about the person with out truly putting yourself out there. When the guy does it, but in an abrupt way, it has to do with his perfectionism. He cares about things being correct, over the intimate moment with you.

10 When He Runs His Fingers through His Hair

This is another sign that can go one of two ways. On one hand, this dude can just be nervous. We fidget and play with our hair in times of being nervous unconsciously. If you see him doing this as he approaches you or in silence, give him a compliment to settle his nerves. If while having a conversation with you, or in bed with you, and he runs his fingers through his hair, it is to make sure he looks good for you. He cares about his appearance.

11 When He Sits with His Legs Spread

This is one of the manliest of all body language moves. He is trying to show you he is a man by aiming his attention towards his manliest part. It is definitely a cockier move, no pun intended. Keep in mind sex is definitely on his brain, but it may not matter whether it is with you or someone else.

12 When He Strokes His Face

I know it sounds weird, but if the guy in front of you is stroking his face he is definitely a keeper! On one hand he is doing this hand gesture because of how intently he is listening to you and not even realizing it. On the other hand, we touch our face or body part because we want to touch the person in front of us. It shows true compassion and interest.

After reading these 12 ways to decode your date's body language, I hope you can have a better understanding of what is going on in the guy's mind. He may not do all of these on your first date, but as you guys start to build a relationship you will see if he truly is starting to care about you or is just interested in getting in your pants.

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