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10 Ways to Read Your Boyfriend's Body Language ...

By Kiley

If you are confused on where your relationship is heading, these 10 ways to read your boyfriend's body language will help clear that all up. All relationships go through phases where one person is more into the other. If you are feeling insecure in where you stand, but aren't ready to talk about it yet, these 10 ways to read your boyfriend's body language can help give you some clarity. Remember to use these yourself for when your man is in the same boat!

1 You Guys Walk in Sync Together

This body language is a sign of harmony between you both. Besides being lovers, it shows you both are good friends. When you walk together, it shows you guys are a united duo who possess real trust.

2 He Pinches or Slaps Your Butt

This is an impromptu sexy gesture that shows he is up for being playful. It shows your man is comfortable enough to ask for some sexy time with out it coming off cheesy or careless. A slap on the butt is an indicator he is thinking about sex with you and can't wait till later. Best part is now your mind is on the same page as his!

3 You Lean Your Heads Together

Our heads are a very sensitive part of the body. We don't like just anyone patting our head or putting their hands through our hair. When you lean your heads together it is a clear indicator that your love is real. When a guy leans in to you he is putting himself on the line and being vulnerable by completely showing he is hooked on you!

4 Cradles Your Head when You Kiss

This body language is more of a subconscious action. When your man is in the moment and emitting emotion he will cradle your head when he kisses you without even realizing it. He is purely captivated by you and just wants to connect. This is an ultra romantic way to kiss and probably why it is the most used in romance movies.

5 You Sit Close Together in Public

When sitting together with your boyfriend, ask yourself if he sits besides you or across from you? A lot of guys are uncomfortable when sitting next to you, say out at dinner, but if your man does it shows he is your support system. He likes to feel connected to you and recognized you as his partner. If you're in a movie theater and he curls you up in to his arms, it shows how much he cares about you. He doesn't want to just do the date moves, and then take you to bed. He enjoys being connected to you as much as possible.

6 You Watch Each Other Walk Away

This is as romantic as it sounds! When your man watches you walk away it is because he is beyond smitten by you. He even has a bit of separation anxiety! A lingering glance shows he wants to extend the connection to you. All in all, he just can't get enough of you! Make sure when you leave, turn around to see if you can catch that one last look he has.

7 He Mirrors Your Movements

This body language sign shows you are synched up. Have you ever noticed that your man and you may stretch at the same time, or move your arms the same when walking? When he mirrors your movements it isn't on purpose, he usually isn't even aware of it. But when it happens it gives him a feeling of security and confidence that you two are on the same page, and that is an important aspect when it comes to love.

8 He Gives You Big Hugs

This is a man who has enough confidence for the both of you in your relationship in a good way. When he gives you a huge hug just to say goodbye it is because he is comfortable and confident enough to show you the love he feels for you. This is a guy who is going to shower you with words to tell you how feels besides just showing you.

9 He Kisses Your Forehead

When you get a kiss on your forehead from a guy, he is the epitome of a sensitive man. This guy is willing to bend over backwards for you. He's someone you will come home to with a bubble bath made, candles lit, and a beautiful dinner for two set. If you have been together for a while and question how he feels about you, that kiss will tell all!

10 You Start to Dress Alike

When you begin to pick up on each others style it is a physical sign you two are on the same page. You start to pick up on each other's vibe with out even knowing it. This is a way to show your relationship is getting more serious and converging. Your interests integrate whether it be music, food, or even as big as life goals.

After reading these 10 ways to read your boyfriend's body language, I hope you feel a little more clarity in your relationship. Maybe certain things had you feeling he was losing interest when really he is just getting more scared about how hard he is falling for you. Next time your boyfriend seems a little distant, try one of these out on him to ease his insecurities!

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