Here's How to Avoid Heartbreak and Be a Heartbreaker Instead ...

It's all too easy to get your heart broken, which is why you need to be careful about whom you trust. Even the nicest guys can destroy you if you don't watch your back. That's why you need to be on alert at all times. Here's how to avoid heartbreak and be a heartbreaker instead:

1. Be Open to Others

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The easiest way to get your heart broken is to find one man you're interested in and ignore all of the other great men around him. Instead of focusing all of your energy on one guy, divide it. You're not limited to having one crush. As long as you're not in a relationship yet, you're allowed to flirt with multiple guys in one day. The more, the merrier.

2. Don't Settle for Scum

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You don't want to have such high standards that you never accept an invitation to dinner. However, you definitely don't want to settle for any random dude that asks you out either. Figure out what you really want from a relationship, and then don't settle for anything less.

3. Put Yourself out There

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You have to accept invitations to parties and be a social butterfly during class or work. That way, you'll meet more people. If you don't get yourself out there, it'll be easy to fall too heavily for the one man you actually talk to. But if you're always surrounded by different, fun men, you won't get your heart broken as easily, because you'll realize there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

4. Make Him Work for Rewards

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Don't date a guy who has done nothing to deserve your time and attention. Make him do a little work. He doesn't have to write you a song or save your life, but he should put in some sort of effort to show that he's serious about you. If he's not willing to do so, then he's not worth your time.

5. Avoid Emotion Early on

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Don't open up to every man you meet. On your first date, try to stray from deep topics and stick to casual ones. If you blurt out your darkest secrets right away and he dumps you, you'll be devastated. That's why you should wait until things get serious to tell him everything about yourself. Until then, remain a mystery.

6. Have a Life You Love

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No matter how badly you want to be in a relationship, you shouldn't spend all your time thinking about it. Haven't you ever heard that good things come when you least expect it? When you focus on your friends, family, and job, you could actually have a better chance of finding the guy for you. It's a funny thing.

7. Have Fun Flirting

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The best way to avoid getting your heart broken is to focus on having fun, and not on finding a serious relationship. If you're always worrying about whether your date is husband material, you're going to stress yourself out. Just enjoy the ride. Mr. Right will come when he comes. No sense in rushing it.

You're bound to get your heart broken eventually, but it doesn't have to be a frequent thing. As long as you follow these tips, you should be able to protect your heart better than you ever have before. Have you had your heart broken or are you always the one breaking hearts?

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