7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Feel Abandoned by Their BF ...


7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Feel Abandoned by Their BF ...
7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Feel Abandoned by Their BF ...

Felling neglected by your boyfriend can make you feel really alone and like you have done something wrong. Even though it may hurt, it’s important to look at this situation objectively so you can determine what factors may be causing their behavior. A healthy and happy relationship does require a lot of work and a lot of patience. You should know that there are a lot of things you can do if you are feeling ignored by your loved one that will make the bond you two share stronger. Here are 7 ways to stop feeling neglected by your boyfriend that you should consider:

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Assess Your Own Behavior

One of the first things you should do if you feel ignored by your boyfriend is to try to assess your own behavior. Just try to figure out if you did something that made your loved one feel overwhelmed. Maybe you are too intrusive, too needy or too clingy and they simply need their own space sometimes.


See Things from Their Perspective

There can be quite a lot of authentic reasons why it may seem like your boyfriend is ignoring you. Try to see this from their perspective. Maybe their behavior has nothing to do with you, maybe they just are too busy, maybe they don’t feel well, maybe they are just tired or they are experiencing family issues.


Slow Things down a Little

If you are feeling neglected, just try and give your boyfriend a little break. For example, you could not call or text them for an entire day to see what they will do in that situation. Will they call or text you or will they continue to ignore you? Also, try not to call or text them about pointless things, especially if they are extremely busy or if they are going through a tough time.


Taking a step back can also offer you both a chance to miss each other, and this space can be healthy for the relationship. If he reaches out, it can be a sign that he notices your absence and cares. However, if a day passes and you don't hear from him, it might lead to a conversation about your needs and expectations within the relationship. Remember, communication is key – but just as important is giving each other enough space to grow individually, which can strengthen your bond in the long run.


Don’t Let It Get to Your Head!

It’s very easy to feel sad or even depressed when you are feeling ignored or neglected by your significant other. Yet, try not to let it go to your head. Be happy and smile more and try not to allow the fact that he is ignoring you ruin your good mood. The happier you are, the more he will want to be around you.


Be up Front

One of the best things you can do when you are feeling ignored is to simply be up front about it. Just ask them what happened and why they are ignoring you. Is it something that you did or do they have another valid reason for behaving this way?


Try to Reconnect with Him

There can be a lot of reasons why your boyfriend may be ignoring you. He may be tired, busy or he might be going through a tough time. Try to reconnect with him. Talk about his passions and interests, ask him questions about the things he likes and try not to interrupt him when he is on a roll.


Demand Respect

If after all your attempts to reconnect with them, your man is still ignoring you, just talk to him and demand some respect. Don’t let him get away with it! Just tell him how you feel, tell him that the two of you need to communicate better with each other and that you both need to make efforts in order for your relationship to work.

Feeling ignored by your loved one can make you feel sad and alone but you should keep in mind that there are a lot of things you can do to feel better in no time. Do you know any other ways to stop feeling neglected by your boyfriend? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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My boyfriend and I talk either at the middle of the day when both of us are awake or just at night because he works full time and we both have things to do.

Corina .. I'm so shocked of such an article ? Do you even realize that you are encouring abusive behaviors from men ? If your boyfriend ever ignore you or make you feel useless, then DO NOT ever question yourself. Do not EVER change your behavior. Do you really think he would try to do the same ? Not at all. Also, at the end, you are suggesting that we should ask for respect but then adding at the beginning that we should just try to see things his way. You're just giving men excuses to have abusive behaviors on us and thats is not good at all.

Get a new hobby. Something productive that keeps you busy enough.

Just cheat on him. If your not important enough to focus on then he isn't important enough to love any longer. If you can't break it off. Just cheat him.

You are right Blandine. It's confusing not a good idea at all.

Go out with your gal pals. How can you not feel good when you spend time with your besties?

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Being in different time zones where the difference is night and day is even harder. :( Men aren't as emotionally attached as we are and it hurts. And being ignored just makes me feel so disrespected and ruins my day. :/

i have long distance relationship, in my case its very hard to be ignore by my bf. sometimes i dont know what to do.

Just keep yourself happy & busy...when men r going through hard times they don't always talk about the situation like women do. They don't want you to see them at their weakest points. When they r in a better situation/mood/back on their feet they will contact you. :-) I noticed sometimes they ignore you because they don't want you to end up changing their mind or hurting you. Hurting you makes them even more depressed so they just avoid you for a little while. So it's best to be silent & hope u would be there if it's meant to be. Now if you are just 'some girl' they wouldn't care how they looked in front of u & it would be easier to hide their pain/issues around you, especially if it's a sexual relationship.

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