How to Act around Your Crush 😍 when You're Nervous AF 😳 ...


Believe it or not, feeling super nervous around your crush is super common and a lot of the time it's because we don't know that much about them. However, if you follow these 7 tips you can put a stop to that ongoing awkwardness and focus on taking the next step! 😉 😊 💑 ❤️

1. Try Talking Virtually 📱 💻

I was definitely not one to go up and strike a conversation with a crush when I was at school! What I found helpful was to try talking to them online instead. This makes it easy to start up a conversation without having to feel shy or nervous at the idea of doing it in person.

I've talked to the same person virtually (via text and Facebook Messenger) for 4 years and it's made me feel so much more comfortable being myself when I talk to them and it's also been a great way to get to know them really well too.

Give Yourself Time 🕒 🕓


Francesca Rose
That's why he's single and 30 because he's trying to sell auto insurance. What an idiot.
Francesca Rose
I don't have a crush, but I met someone online and I asked him what type of work does he do, he said, he sells car insurance. And then offered me a quote, this dude said he couldn't give me a better q...
Worst thing is that I don't crush on someone I meet in my daily life 😅
Actually gave *
My crush have actually have gave me a lot of clues that he loves me but i didn't understand it then so stupid
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