How to Act around Your Crush 😍 when You're Nervous AF 😳 ...


Believe it or not, feeling super nervous around your crush is super common and a lot of the time it's because we don't know that much about them. However, if you follow these 7 tips you can put a stop to that ongoing awkwardness and focus on taking the next step! πŸ˜‰ 😊 πŸ’‘ ❀️

1. Try Talking Virtually πŸ“± πŸ’»

I was definitely not one to go up and strike a conversation with a crush when I was at school! What I found helpful was to try talking to them online instead. This makes it easy to start up a conversation without having to feel shy or nervous at the idea of doing it in person.

I've talked to the same person virtually (via text and Facebook Messenger) for 4 years and it's made me feel so much more comfortable being myself when I talk to them and it's also been a great way to get to know them really well too.

Give Yourself Time πŸ•’ πŸ•“


Francesca Rose
That's why he's single and 30 because he's trying to sell auto insurance. What an idiot.
Francesca Rose
I don't have a crush, but I met someone online and I asked him what type of work does he do, he said, he sells car insurance. And then offered me a quote, this dude said he couldn't give me a better q...
Worst thing is that I don't crush on someone I meet in my daily life πŸ˜…
Actually gave *
My crush have actually have gave me a lot of clues that he loves me but i didn't understand it then so stupid
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