Memorable Ways to Be Smarter at the Dating Game ...


Memorable Ways to Be Smarter  at the Dating Game ...
Memorable Ways to Be Smarter  at the Dating Game ...

It's 2016, so it's time to start dating smarter. You've got to be on your toes and overly aware of the vibes you're picking up. Are you fed up with how your past relationships have played out and do you want to be one step ahead of the game? Here are the most memorable ways to be smart at modern dating.

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Put Your Attention on Energy

human action, person, kiss, romance, interaction, If you feel the whole opposites attract vibe and you balance each other out like yin and yang, this shows that you can connect on a deeper level. Having that connection of sitting in the same room and not talking, but still feeling like you've got that connection is a huge sign to pay attention to. Not feeling this energy? Maybe it's time to move on.


Focus on Emotionally like-minded People

human action, black and white, face, black, person, Having the same emotional tendencies makes a great partner. Compatibility relies heavily on having the same feelings about deep topics. If you feel strongly about certain subjects and your potential suitor doesn't want to hear what you have to say because they're so strongly opposed, this could be a red flag.


Take Your Time

human action, black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, If you want this relationship to go somewhere, what's the rush? It takes time to build a strong relationship and doesn't happen overnight. Be patient and see how your story unfolds. If you're talking about things over text that you wouldn't feel comfortable saying face to face, this could be a sign you're rushing things.


Go on at Least Two Dates

man, facial hair, screenshot, interaction, beard, If you're unsure, a second date will clear up these questions you're having. Not sure if you have enough in common? Worrying that your lifestyles are opposites? See if you feel different the second time around.


Keep an Open Mind

face, person, nose, screenshot, supermodel, If you have a mental list of all the qualities you want in a potential partner and your date doesn't exactly meet what you're looking for, don't turn them away so fast. Keep your mind open because you never know if you'll have that connection. You might be surprised.


Follow Your Instincts

screenshot, interaction, And, you,, with, Do you feel deep down in your gut that it's just not clicking and not meant to be? Totally fine. But if you're feeling this from a first impression? Maybe not totally accurate. If you're picking up negative vibes every time you're around this person and if it's like walking on egg shells, (especially if it's anger related) it's best to keep your distance.


Don't Work Too Hard

human action, black and white, black, person, monochrome photography, Not everyone is an open book, but if it's difficult to even small talk or find anything to talk about, don't force it. New relationships should be nothing but fun, but if this person is making you feel odd and uncomfortable to bring any kind of topic up, that's a red flag.

If you want to be the smartest in the dating game, see the big picture. If you can't imagine spending the rest of your life with this person, it's best to reevaluate the situation. What insight do you have in dating? Comment below!

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What if you dated the guy for two months, found out he doesnt like you like you like him, he only likes the idea of you being there? Would you leave or stay to see if it could be more?

I would let him know how I feel and ask if I am someone he can picture himself with...if not or he's not sure after a while- move on to some1 else

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