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You don't want to settle for dating any old guy. You need someone who's worth your time. If you're used to having jerks develop crushes on you, here are a few tips that'll help you attract the right kind of guy in the future:

1. Talk to the Right Guys

Talk to the Right Guys

If you spend most of your time talking to jerks, then it's no wonder why they're the type that always like you. You need to search for good guys and develop friendships with them if you want your luck to change.

Don’t Accept Disrespect


Kranti Kanade
Which are the right place to find the find the right man for a woman who is spending most of her time only doing her duties for her children and her extended family and not able to go out much? Can someone please tell me?
Jasmin Garcia
Had a gut feeling about my best friends boyfriend once and told her. She got mad and we stopped talking. After they'd been dating for over a year, she found out he'd been cheating on her the entire time.
Tanya Isaac
James Franco gif yay!!
How can you put yourself out there in order to find a guy ? If you have nothing to do outside and you have to be at home?
True on a lot of these comments just be you.
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