The Different Types of Men You'll Meet on the Rebound ...


The Different Types of Men You'll Meet on the Rebound ...
The Different Types of Men You'll Meet on the Rebound ...

The rebound is a … well, it's an interesting place, isn't it? Not everyone needs a rebound relationship after a serious one, but many people do. It's kind of like a palate cleanser. Ideally, the guy you meet on the rebound will be fun, funny, attractive – somehow stimulating, you know? You want to rebound with someone you can talk to and maybe hook up with, but you're not really looking to get serious. That doesn't sound like such a tall order, but you'd be surprised – or maybe not. Maybe you recognize more than a few of these typical rebound personalities.

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The Bestie

The Bestie This can go in several possible directions. It might be the stuff of romantic comedies, you might actually meet the person who becomes your best friend, or it might just be an all around bad idea. It's a surprise!


The Hot Extrovert

The Hot Extrovert If you click with the hot extrovert you meet while you're rebounding, hang out for a while. Their exuberance and enthusiasm will distract you as you get over the last of your post-breakup blues.


The Party Animal

The Party Animal The party animal and the hot extrovert could be one and the same, but not necessarily. Either way, hanging loose with a partying partner for a few weekends might just do you good!


The Introvert

The Introvert Are introverts like kryptonite to extroverts in return? We do have that sexy, sensitive, mysterious thing going on.


The Married Guy

The Married Guy Keep in mind, these are guys you'll meet on the rebound, not necessarily guys you'll date. The married dudes show up everywhere – on Tinder, on Grindr, on OKC, on Facebook, at the club, in the coffee shop …


The Guy Who Wants to Have Sex All the Time

The Guy Who Wants to Have Sex All the Time This might be just what you need, too. Depends on how you like to rebound.


The Bad, Bad Boy

The Bad, Bad Boy Why are they so irresistible? Why?


The Frat Boy

The Frat Boy May overlap with the party animal. May also get really old, really quickly.


The Rich Guy

The Rich Guy He will try to impress you in very expensive ways. Or he'll brag, which is just … no.


The Comfort Zone Boy

The Comfort Zone Boy That is, he's always in it, or else he has no concept of it. This can be cute or creepy, or sometimes just awkward.


The Serious Guy

The Serious Guy He can take many forms. For instance, he might just be a seriously, thoughtful man. Then again, he might be looking to get serious, so just be aware.


The Ex

The Ex You know it's a bad idea. You know. You just can't help it. If you meet up with an ex right after a big breakup, it's so tempting to go back for seconds.


The Ghosting Guy

The Ghosting Guy This is bad because you probably get interested in this guy and then he just disappears out of nowhere. Suddenly he's frigging Casper.


The One Who Moves Too Slow

The One Who Moves Too Slow You don't even have the tiiime! What's taking so long?


The Bitter Guy

The Bitter Guy And for this, you do not even have the patience. Swipe left on this man. Someone hurt him and he needs to heal. In total isolation.


The One Who Swipes Right on Everyone

The One Who Swipes Right on Everyone Probably uses a general line, too. Maybe even copypasta.


The out-and-out Perv

The out-and-out Perv Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

Tell the truth. Have you met any of these gentlemen when you're on the rebound?

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Lol ! Oh my 🙈😂

The guy on the cover of this article is cute. 😋

I've met all of them.. 🙄 all got tricks up their sleeves I tell ya... But don't fall for it ladies.. 👋🏽 #byenow

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