How to Flirt Using Eye Contact πŸ‘€ for Girls Who Want to Dazzle Him without Saying a Word πŸ’˜ ...


Making eye contact is a great way to start flirting if you’re the sort that gets tongue-tied, embarrassed or simply lacks something to say to spark up a conversation. And if you’re a confident sort of gal, eye contact flirting is instinctive and exciting, a way to get your message across without words. Who knows where those stolen glances will lead? Here’s how to get your flirt on, eye fashion.

1. Employ an Occasional Casual Stare

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It’s not particularly sexy if your subject catches you boring a hole in to them with your eyes! The key to start flirting with eye contact is to keep your initial eye contact to a few casual glances at them every now and then; a signal of interest for them to notice but not too forthcoming.

Exchange Fleeting Glimpses


Mosade Debz
I'm looking to try this I'm hoping it'll break the ice between me and this guy...hope n pray
You can always tell who likes who by observing this tactic.
Brittany Baker
It works! I now have a husband that started out as "flirting with our eyes!" If it doesn't work, he wasn't for you anyways and if it does, well maybe you'll have a husband someday too!! πŸ’•
Raise your eyebrows and wink
If anybody would like to hear the whole story just let me know ;)
I can say this totally works!! I've done this for the past week with this one dude!! It's quite the story. I first saw him at work (I work in the store part of the business while he works in the cater...
I can say th
Thanks, going to try it next time he is there! And your right worth a shot for sure! :D
This really does work. Tried it many times before.
Je suis πŸ˜”
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