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By Holly

Even though body language can help you determine whether or not a man is into you, his words can be just as helpful. That's why you should pay attention to the things that he says and the way that he says them. They might just show you how much he likes you. If you're not sure what to look out for, here are a few verbal clues that suggest he's into you:

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He Starts Every Conversation

It doesn't matter if he walks up to you in person or texts you first thing in the morning. If he's always the one starting your conversations, then it means that he enjoys talking to you. If he didn't care about you, then he wouldn't have a problem waiting for you to initiate the conversation, now would he?


If he's interested in you, he may also find ways to touch you. This might be in the form of a hug, brushing your arm, or even holding your hand. He may also try to make you laugh, either through jokes or funny stories. If he's always trying to make you smile, it's a sign that he's interested in you.

He might also try to impress you by talking about his accomplishments, his career, or his hobbies. Or he might try to show off his knowledge on a certain subject.

He might also try to make plans with you. This could be a dinner date, a movie night, or even a weekend getaway. He might also try to invite you to activities with his friends, so that you can get to know them better.

If he's interested in you, he might also try to make you feel special. He might compliment you on your looks or your personality. He might also bring you small gifts or surprise you with thoughtful gestures.


He Repeats Your Name

Women love to hear their name, and men love to say their crush's name. That's why you shouldn't worry if he doesn't have a cute nickname for you like "baby" or "honey." It's actually better if he addresses you by your real name. It shows that he remembers who you are and likes who you are.

Frequently asked questions

If he's often the one to start conversations, it might indicate that he's interested in you and wants to spend more time getting to know you.

Yes, if he makes an effort to keep the conversation flowing, it could be a sign that he enjoys your company and is potentially interested in developing a relationship.

A guy might prefer calling over texting because it's more personal and allows for a deeper connection, which could mean he's trying to create a closer bond with you.

If he's consistently engaged and never lets the conversation die, it suggests he values talking to you and doesn't want to miss an opportunity to connect.

Him taking the initiative to start a conversation can mean he's making an effort to be a part of your life, which is often a clue that he has a special interest in you.


He Uses Suggestive Words

Some men are blunt, and will tell blatantly dirty jokes in their attempt to seduce a woman. Other men will subtly try to get her mind on sex (or at least on kissing him). That's why he'll use suggestive words in conversation that'll make you think of pushing him up against a wall.


When it comes to flirting, some men are more direct than others. While some may be more blunt in their attempts to seduce a woman, other men may be more subtle. One way a man may show his interest is by using suggestive words in conversation. These words may be subtle enough to make a woman think of pushing him up against a wall.

In addition to suggestive words, men may also use compliments to show their interest. Complimenting a woman on her looks or intelligence is one way to let her know he’s interested. He may also show his interest by making physical contact, such as lightly touching her arm or shoulder when he’s speaking to her.

Men may also use body language to show their interest. A man may stand close to a woman, make eye contact, and smile when speaking to her. He may also lean in when talking to her or tilt his head to one side.

Finally, a man may use humor to show his interest in a woman. He may tell jokes or tease her in a playful way. This can be a sign that he’s trying to flirt and get her attention.


He Calls Instead of Texts

No one actually talks on the phone anymore. If your crush insists on calling you to hear your voice, then there's a huge chance that he likes you. Texting doesn't take much effort, but talking to you on the phone can take up hours. If he's willing to spend that time on you, then you hold a special place in his heart.


If your crush is calling you instead of texting, it could be a sign that he is interested in you. Talking on the phone takes more effort than a text message, so it could be his way of showing that he wants to take the time to get to know you better.

When someone is interested in you, they may also talk to you more than they do with other people. They may ask you more questions and make more effort to keep the conversation going. They might also make an effort to keep the conversation light and fun and to make you laugh.

When someone likes you, they may also pay more attention to you than to other people in the room. They may be more likely to look in your direction and make eye contact with you. They might also give you compliments or make small gestures like touching your arm when they talk to you.

When someone is interested in you, they may also make plans to see you. They might ask you out on a date or suggest that you two hang out together. They may also try to make plans with you in the future, such as asking you to a concert or planning a weekend getaway.


He Keeps the Conversation Going

When you tell a random story about your latest shopping trip, does he just nod to show that he's listening, or does he actually contribute to the conversation? If he tries hard to keep that conversation going, then it means he wants you to stick around. The same idea applies to texting. If he always responds with a paragraph instead of "k," then it means he wants your conversation to continue, which is a very good sign.


When it comes to relationships, verbal communication is key. It’s not enough to just read body language and assume that someone is interested in you. If a guy is interested in you, he might give subtle verbal clues that can help you to know that he’s interested.

One clue that a man might give is that he will always try to keep the conversation going. If you’re talking about something and he contributes to the conversation with his own stories or opinions, then that’s a sign that he’s interested in you. This is especially true when it comes to texting. If he’s always responding with more than just one word answers, then that’s a good sign that he’s interested in you and wants to keep the conversation going.

Another verbal clue that a man might give is that he’ll ask you a lot of questions. If he’s asking you questions about your life, your interests, and your opinions, then it could be a sign that he’s interested in getting to know you better. He might also ask you out on dates or suggest activities that the two of you can do together.

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His Voice Sounds Deeper around You

Men don't realize it, but when they speak to the women they like, their voices get deeper. It might be difficult to notice the change in his pitch, but it's possible if you pay attention.


He Directs His Words toward You

You aren't always going to be one-on-one with your crush. If you're hanging out with a group of people, pay attention to who he's talking to the most. If he always directs his words toward you, even though there are a handful of others around, it suggests that he likes you the best. He wants your attention, and your attention only.

You can tell a lot about the way a man feels by paying attention to his words. Does your crush do any of these things that suggest he has a crush on you, too?

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The thing about the pitch changing and his voice getting deeper is true for every human. It's a thing we do to show that we've given the power to the other person. Every human does it unconsciously

My crush talks to other girls more than me...but i always catch him looking at me...now he doesn't even say "hi" he just looks at me then just walk away like im not there😔😔😔just my luck

These are absolutely true. And I agree with the Livy about voices getting deeper. It is indeed human nature.

Some of them I agree with, and there some I am like yeah no.

Yes, all of the them, except call :)

Ok so none of these applied does that mean he doesn't really like me.

So so true. Esp men talking dirty if they like you they are not afraid to be blatant bless them...

This seems more like a "how to tell if a girl likes you" but maybe that's just me lol

My voice can go from giddy, lovestruck 17 year old to Barry White... depending on the mood I'm in. Whilst I agree with this article for the most part, I don't think pitch is a good indicator. If I'm in a playful mood I'm higher pitched, if I'm in a "I'm going to lick you 'til you can't take it anymore" mood, it's much, much deeper