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How to Give an Erotic Massage ...

By Sici

When it comes to improving your skills and abilities in the bedroom, the more different things you can master, the better time you will be able to provide your partner! I happen to think that people get so consumed with the act of penetrative sex that they can often forget just how important it is to be good at plenty of other things as well, especially more foreplay based things. Out of all those things, something that really adds something to your repertoire is the erotic massage! Here is how to give an erotic massage yourself.

1 Set the Scene

It is important to begin by setting the perfect scene for the massage. Turn off TVs and phones, put on some nice low volume music, close the curtains, and get some mood lighting on. Make sure to take off all your rings and your watch to eliminate the risk of any mood killing scratches and scrapes!

2 Warm

Make sure that the room is nice and warm and cosy. There are going to be body parts out on full display so you don’t want anything to shrink away in the cold!


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3 Candles

Not only do candles make for the perfect mood lighting, but scented ones can add to the overall sensory experience. Check you have some special wax ones that can be drizzled on to his body for extra sensual effect! One quick tip, make sure to pour the wax into your own palm to test its temperature first as you don’t want to cause any unexpected accidents!

4 Liquid Oil

The key to a great erotic massage is in the oil that you use. You need something water based that can easily glide over the skin with snagging, something that feels really luxurious and can easily cope with any body hair that your partner might have in places. You will find that by using oil, your hands will glide over his body more naturally, and you can do things without even thinking about it and therefore avoid getting embarrassed.

5 Sex Toys

When you have worked him up into a frenzy, don’t be afraid to introduce a few sex toys into the mix. This whole massage is about giving him feelings and sensations that he doesn’t usually feel, and using sex toys is something extra to add to his pleasure!

7 Breath

Get close to him and use your breath as a way to stimulate his skin too. Hot breath can be a really sexy weapon to use against someone when their body parts have already been manipulated into a really sensitive state.

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