Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Virgo Man ...

By Melly

Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Virgo Man ...

If we’re being honest, we’re all just here to have the best, most exciting and fun time possible, and top of the list of things that can make that happen for a person is most definitely a full and thriving sex life! Sexual compatibility and sexual prowess go hand in hand, in the sense that if you have an insight into what your partner truly wants and feels, you are going to be much more likely to give him a good time and in receive one back for yourself! Here the 10 top tips for the best sex with a Virgo man.

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Virgos are the kind of people who can’t stand to do anything half-assed, so when you are in bed with him, you better make sure that you are bringing your A game every single time!


They pay incredible attention to detail and expect the same level of dedication from their partner. With their meticulous nature, Virgos appreciate when you remember what pleases them and are particularly delighted when you take the initiative to perfect those actions. It's not about pressure but about pleasure—finding joy in the pursuit of sexual excellence together. Keep in mind that eliciting their satisfaction requires consistency, so always strive for improvement and be open to constructive feedback—they’ll certainly appreciate it and return the favor, ensuring an ever-evolving and satisfying experience for both of you.



He is the kind of guy who is never quite sure if he is doing the right thing, so you need to make sure that you give him lots of vocal assurance and affirmation that he is making you feel good.

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Virgo guys aren’t that into surprises when it comes to sex. He prefers to take things logically, starting out with some nice foreplay and then moving on intercourse like a good old fashioned couple should do!


For the Virgo man, it’s all about a well-structured approach to lovemaking; he is a planner at heart. Foreplay is never skipped, as he believes it’s an essential part of the overall experience. He'll enjoy the anticipation, the gentle touch, and the deep kisses that set the foundation for intimacy. During this ritual, communication and feedback are pivotal – he wants to know what pleases his partner, aligning it with his own desires in a harmonious dance. Letting him lead in this logical progression will ensure a fulfilling encounter for both of you.

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In His Head

Because he is such a perfectionist, he will spend a lot of time in his head at the start of your love making. The trick is to just be patient with him and let him find his groove rather than throwing lots of early suggestions or instructions.


A Virgo man may appear to be aloof at first, as he meticulously plans each step in his mind to ensure everything is perfect. Your understanding during these moments can deepen the intimacy, as it reassures him of your trust in his intentions. Try soft touches and gentle whispers to help nudge him into the present moment, allowing him to relax and connect on a physical level with you. Remember, patience and sensitivity are key—you're both embarking on a journey of pleasure where every detail can heighten the experience.

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Strangely, one of the key erogenous zones for a Virgo tends to be his stomach, his navel especially. Make sure that you pay it lots of attention with kisses and tongue play; it will drive him wild!

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

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He is quite dominant in his professional life, which means that deep down he prefers to be submissive in his sex life. Don’t be afraid to lay down the law and take control once in a while; he will be grateful for the change.

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He is the kind of guy who doesn’t like his business being thrown out there for everyone to hear, so be careful when discussing your sex life with your friends. If he gets wind that you are sharing secrets then it will really turn him off.


A Virgo man values privacy, especially in intimate matters. To him, trust is a key component of a fulfilling sexual relationship. Be considerate of his need for discretion. Engaging in open conversations about your personal experiences with him might seem harmless to you, but it can be deeply unsettling for him. Remember, part of what creates that intense connection with a Virgo is the feeling that the moments you share are yours and yours alone, safeguarded from outside scrutiny. Maintaining this sanctity can deepen the bond and enhance the passion between you. Keep the details between the sheets, where they belong.

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It’s important to get the mood right for a Virgo. Take the time to tidy up, put on the right music, lay out some scented candles ... all that classic sexy stuff!

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It is important to a Virgo guy that you talk freely and openly about your sexual desires. If he knows exactly how you feel, he can use his perfectionism to make sure that things are the best they can be.

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White Underwear

He’s not in to the overly sexualised lingerie look. He much prefers a girl to look comfortable but still sexy in some cute white panties or even boy shorts.

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