5 Sex Positions That Are a Real Treat for Your Partner ...

When you are in the throes of passionate sex with someone, your primary concern is how much pleasure you are getting out of the situation. It’s okay to admit that, we are all selfish humans deep down inside! However, there are definitely times when you want to make sure that your partner is having just as good of a time as you are, and there are definitely some positions that lend themselves to mutual pleasure more than others. Here are some scenarios and sex positions that are a real treat for your partner.

1. Birthday Blindfold

It might be named the birthday blindfold position, but it doesn't have to be reserved for his birthday! It’s pretty much the process of having him wear a blindfold so that all of his senses are heightened while you straddle his lap. When you guide him inside you, the feelings will be much more intense for him because he won’t see what is coming next! Because he can’t see, he will feel a whole lot more!

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