Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Taurus Man ...

By Melly

Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Taurus Man ...

Did you know that things as specific as sexual kinks and preferences can sometimes be determined by something as general as your zodiac sign? When it comes to astrology, there are insights and pieces of advice that can be discovered about pretty much every aspect of life, and that very much includes romance! If you are currently with a Taurus and are looking for ways to enhance your intimacy, then here are t10 top tips for the best sex with a Taurus man.

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Physical Contact

If he is with you, it is because he is extremely attracted to not just your personality but your body, so make sure that you reward him with as much physical contact as possible! Don’t be one of those lovers who wait to be lead; take control and get touching!



Some guys prefer a more fiery, detached kind of sex that focuses more on physical pleasure than emotional connection, but a Taurus guy much prefer to feel the love in bed rather than just a physical thing. Intimacy for him is just as much in the heart and head as well as the genitals!

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Direct Orders

He is the kind of guy who likes an occasional turn on the submissive side, so don’t be afraid to give him blunt and direct orders about what you want and how you want to be pleasured. He aims to please!

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Romantic Atmosphere

He is the kind of guy who likes the mood to be set in order to do his best work. Don’t skimp on the environment. Put a good playlist together, soft music, scented candles, a romantic dinner beforehand, pull out all the stops!

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Tauruses can be a bit selfish in bed. He will probably want to go for rounds two, three, and four before you have even had the chance to catch your breath! It might help to try working on your stamina so that you are compatible with his libido as possible.

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His neck is a really sensitive erogenous zone for him, so make sure to pay a lot of attention to it with kisses, lovebites, sexy nibbles, and even using your breath to stimulate his nerves.

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Like a few other signs, a Taurus guy is the kind of guy who sometimes prefers a long, varied foreplay session over the simple act of penetrative sex. He gets bored easily, so all of the different things that you can between first and fourth base are what excites him the most!

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He is the kind of guy who like to get a little messy every now and then, so why not experiment with bringing some sexy food items to bed like strawberries and cream, and some sweet chocolate sauce?

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He doesn’t really go in the for the rough and tumble approach to sex. He much prefers things to be nice and gentle, definitely more on the romantic side of things than the ‘porny’ side of things.

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He is a very visual person, so you want to make sure you stimulate his eyes as well as his body. A nice set of lingerie will go a long, long way!

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