How-to Handle Rejection like a Lady ...


How-to Handle Rejection like a Lady ...
How-to Handle Rejection like a Lady ...

Have you ever been rejected? Maybe you were turned down for a job you thought you were the perfect fit or maybe your boss didn’t consider you for a promotion. You may have also experienced rejection in your personal life. Maybe your crush has no interest in you or the boyfriend you were ready to marry broke it off. Whatever the case, rejection is hard. It hurts, but we still need to know how to handle rejection with grace and gratitude.

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Give Thanks

It may seem awkward to say thank you to someone who just turned you down, but it’s still important. In the business world you are thanking the person for their time, the opportunity, and the fact that they even considered you for the position. The fact that you even got an interview proves you were qualified, just not the right fit.


Ask Questions

It is perfectly acceptable to ask questions. An explanation will help you understand where things went wrong and give you an idea on how to prepare better the next time. It might also ease your mind in finding out the rejection wasn’t even about you.


It’s Not Always about You

Sometimes we get rejected by a friend or boyfriend and it stinks. Know that the rejection may very well not even be about you. Your friend might be having a bad day or woke up in a crappy mood. Give her a day to recoup before reaching out to her again.


Accept It

Sometimes rejection is the universe way of getting rid of the bad. Sometimes you just have to accept that this was not the best relationship or situation for you from the start. Being free of an old relationship that obviously wasn’t going to work out opens you up to the opportunity of a new and better relationship.


Give up Revenge

We want to accept rejection with grace and gratitude. That means you don’t get to slash any tires, post passive aggressive messages on social media, or wish evil on anyone. It means you smile, walk away, and wish them well. The end.


Learn from It

There is bound to be a lesson in this experience. For some it will be following your gut instinct. For others it will be about ways to improve and strengthen yourself. Whatever the lesson is, study it and don’t repeat the same mistakes again.



Forgiveness is a big thing. In some cases this will be very hard. If your ex rejected you in a very hurtful way, like cheating, forgiveness is the last thing on your mind. Remember, forgiving someone isn’t saying what they did is okay or right, it is simply freeing yourself of the pain that goes with their rejection. Forgive and let it go.

Rejection is not a fun things, but it is a part of life. We will all face rejection at some point. I hope these tips will help you face rejection in a positive manner so the hurt and anger doesn’t sit inside of you for too long. What are some good ways you have handled rejection in the past?

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Great post thanks

I love this post. Forgiveness is important. Why should u live with the pain that was somebody's else's wrongdoing. Forgive and free yourself. Though this can be hard.

I love this! I think every detail is very much needed in most if not all situations! 👍🏽

Revenge unfortunately and I mean unfortunately may be wrong but sometimes it sends the message out I'm hurt you hurt me now YOU must hurt - SIMPLES

If he was a good guy and didnt do anything wrong, then no revenge. If he was an asshole or a fu£k boy, REVENGE!

Give up revenge..?! Ha! If only she could've read this 5 years ago!

this is as if I'm reading my own thoughts..thank you for writing this one.😘

I always think of it this way, if they turn you down and they're being rude about it just know that you were probably too good for them anyway. They didn't deserve you, in other words.

This was a good read! Just learned an important lesson from this

I enjoyed this post, good one.

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