Great Ways to Make Sure You Stay on His Mind ...


Great Ways to Make Sure You Stay on His Mind ...
Great Ways to Make Sure You Stay on His Mind ...

"Is he thinking of me?" is a common question women in relationships ask themselves. It’s heartwarming to know your partner is thinking of you when you’re apart, especially if he is on your mind pretty much all the time. There’s no way of really knowing – because of course he’ll answer yes if you ask him! – but here are some things you can do to make it happen.

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Be Yourself

It can be a real turn off for a guy when he knows that you are not being yourself around him. Be authentic and avoid morphing into something that you think he might like, because you will almost certainly get it wrong! If you want him to keep thinking about you after you have left, let him see the real you. He will be left longing to spend more time with you and you will definitely be in his thoughts!


Embracing your quirks and interests offers a tantalizing glimpse into your unique personality. Share stories about your adventures or passions and watch his eyes light up with curiosity. Infusing conversations with your genuine sense of humor can be irresistibly charming. After all, laughter creates connections that are both memorable and lasting. Furthermore, when you're true to yourself, your confidence shines through, hinting at the depth and layers that make you fascinating and unforgettable. So, sprinkle your interactions with bits of your spirit and watch the magic unfold.


Pick a Great Scent

A human’s sense of smell is one of the very best senses for evoking a memory, so a great way to ensure that he will be thinking about you long after you have gone is to knock him sideways with a killer fragrance. Choose something unique that he will immediately associate with you and only you, resulting in you staying in his mind for a long, long time.


Look Your Best

Looking your best does not necessarily have to mean covering yourself in makeup and putting on your best Saturday night clubbing outfit. Just be mindful that you want to make an impression on him both in terms of your personality and the way that you present yourself externally. Whether it’s an interesting hairstyle or a unique choice of clothing, show him something extraordinary that will keep you on his mind.


To achieve that memorable look, pick out an outfit that accentuates your best features and reflects your personal style. Accessorize thoughtfully – a unique necklace or a fun pair of earrings can be great conversation starters. Remember, it's about feeling confident and comfortable because when you're at ease, your true personality shines through. And don't underestimate the power of a good fragrance; a subtle scent can leave a lasting impression long after you've said goodbye.


Utilize Body Language

When used correctly, body language can be a deadly weapon in the game of grabbing a man’s attention! Picking up on some of his micro mannerisms and mirroring them can be a really effective subliminal way of making sure that he keeps thinking about you later on. Other body language-related gestures that can work are to engage in a little light contact, like touching his arm as you speak to him, and keeping eye contact whilst you interact is always a top tip to remember.


Do Some Cheerleading

And no, I don’t mean actual pom-pom cheerleading! A man’s ego is a notoriously fragile thing, so give it some massage and relief by indulging in a bit of praise for him. He’ll lap up the attention and the kindness and will almost certainly be keeping you in his thoughts for a long time afterwards. Be careful as you go, though; don’t go overboard and make it seem a bit insincere, as that will only prove to achieve the exact opposite of what you desire.


Be Funny

A sense of humor is something that people definitely remember in a person. That is why, after all, the world loves comedians so much! Display your funny side to him and hopefully, if you make a comedy connection, he will be thinking about you and your jokes for a long time!


Hint at Further Dates

Exercise your right to be a mysterious minx by hinting at but not completely confirming future plans with him. Leaving him slightly up in the air will guarantee that he will be thinking about you and it gives you the fun opportunity to play a little game of cat and mouse. Don’t play too hard though, you don’t want him to misread the signals and move on!

How do you like to ensure you’re on your guy’s mind when you’re apart?

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Or if you have access you can put a small amount of perfume under his favorite pillow.

Put perfume on your hands and hold his hands closely before you end the night. Every time he puts his hands near his face he will smell your perfume.

I always remember how good a boy scent was

How do i know if he busy on work?

Awe! He's thinking about me! Lol. 😍😘

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