7 Things to Always Ask Your BF for Permission to do ...

By Holly

7 Things to Always Ask Your BF for Permission to do ...

You don't have to ask your boyfriend for permission for every little thing, like if you're allowed to hang out with your friends or eat ice cream for dinner. After all, he's your boyfriend, not your boss. He's not meant to order you around. You two should consider each other equal partners, but there are still certain things that you should actually ask your boyfriend for permission for. Here are a few of them:

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1 To Hang out with an Ex

While you don't have to ask your boyfriend for permission to hang out with most of your friends, you probably should consult him if you're planning on hanging out with an ex. After all, you don't want to make him uncomfortable. It's best to have a quick chat with him to see if he's okay with the idea of you seeing a man from your past.

2 To Throw Away His Stuff

When it's time for spring cleaning, you shouldn't toss out your boyfriend's items without asking him for permission first. Even though you hate his camouflage shorts, they might have sentimental value to him. Keep all of his iffy items in a pile and ask him to go through them before you throw them in the trash can.

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3 To Have Friends over

If you two live together, you should ask him for permission to have friends over the house. After all, you wouldn't like it if he brought a group of buddies over on a night you were planning on relaxing in the living room alone. If he's not in the mood for company, then you can always go out on the town with your gal pals instead.

4 To Make Plans for Him

Once you two have been together for a while, you become a packaged deal. However, if your friends invite you to a party over the weekend, don't give them a definite yes before asking your boyfriend if he wants to go. You don't want to force him into a situation he's uncomfortable with.

5 To Get a Pet

If you two live together, you shouldn't make any big moves, like getting a pet, without consulting him first. It's a huge responsibility to add an animal to the household. If he doesn't want to help you take care of it, then you could have a major problem on your hands.

6 To Wear His Clothes

Your boyfriend probably won't care if you wear his shirts without consulting him first, but you should still do him the courtesy of asking. You wouldn't want your friend or roommate to take your clothes without asking first, would you? Live by the golden rule and don't do anything to your boyfriend that you wouldn't want someone doing to you.

7 To Go through His Phone

Everyone deserves to have their privacy, even when they're in a relationship. While it's fine to pick up his phone to play the games on it, you should hesitate to go through his text messages and emails. If you trust him, then what's the point of invading his privacy, anyway? If you really want to read through his messages, ask him for permission first.

Even though your boyfriend would probably let you do as you wish, there's no harm in asking him for permission before you do certain things. It'll show him that you respect his opinion. Do you ever ask your boyfriend for permission before you do these things?

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ask permission or discuss first? Big difference

Ok, are you seriously saying permission? you’re using that term? Wow! even writing this in that context makes it sound like emotional abuse/controlling relationships are ok, and it’s not EITHER WAY. It’s called mutual respect. Perhaps rename it?

To go through his phone is a good idea. Whenever i wanted to check my bf's phone i'll ask his permission so that we cant have any argument.

In all relationship openness and communication is the key. I don't see my phone as being that private, there is nothing in there to find. And his clothes? Really I steal them all the time 😂 especially his boxers, so comfy!!

N wud u hang out wit ur ex

I agree with Caro! I wouldn't "ask for permission" so much as I would discuss and if need be, compromise with my partner. And why would you need to go through your partner's phone? :)

Not feeling hanging with the ex thing and asking is a way to make your BF feel important not to ask for permission!! Who wrote this

Mine might be different. My ex from 25 years ago is also my best guy friend. We are each married to other people and they know we text all the time and my hubby is welcome to look at messages or texts on my phone anytime, but he wouldn't.

Story of my life Wendy

I can not see a boyfriend who will be happy for you to hang out with an ex.

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